The Top Five Views To Visit In Las Vegas

The top five views of Las Vegas are hard to pick because there are so many great things for you to see in the city. You might have chosen to come to Vegas to shop and gamble, but you still need to have a time to see all the sights in the city. Las Vegas is one for the most beautiful cities in America because the lights never go down, and there is something to see in the daytime and at night. Look over the five best sights below because they are all pretty magnificent.

1. Check Out The Desert

You must go to one of the hotels that now sits on Fremont Street where you have a view of the desert that is all around this city. You need to see if you can get a view from the pool because that allows you the view that people had in the 50s and 60s when the government was doing nuclear tests. The view that you get of the desert also has mountains in the background, and it is something you should not take for granted even from ground level.

2. The Stratosphere

The Stratosphere hotel is a place where you can rise above everything int he city and even the mountains out in the desert. There is a roller coaster on top of the hotel that will give you an incredible view if you love that sort of thing, and there is a viewing deck that lets you look out over the whole area in a 360 degree view. You can eat up there, and it is a good place to hang out if you like that kind of view. People who stay at this hotel often go up to the top just because it is so pretty, and that is why you should do the same thing and at least go up once.

3. The New York Coaster

The coaster that rides you around the New York New York hotel is a great view of the city because it does not take you too high. You feel like you are riding in a drone that gives you the most perfect view of the city, and that view keeps changing. You get especially close to the facades that were built for this hotel, and you feel like you could reach out and touch them. That is something you might not want to try, but it gives you that sense of wonder like you are a small child.

4. The Caesar’s Palace Fountains

It is true that the fountains and pool at the Bellagio are amazing, but you have to see the fountains at Caesar’s because they are one fo the original wonders of the west. Seattle has the Space Needle and Caesar’s has these fountains. Evel Knievel jumped over them once, and they are still a sign of something grand. People come to Vegas just to see these fountains, and you must get close enough for some pictures. Do not go by these things and not stop to stare in awe for just a second.

5. The Luxor

You must get close enough tot he Luxor to see that this pyramid is much bigger than you could have imagined. It has that light coming out the top at all hours of the day, and it is one of the places in Vegas that you cannot miss because it is so big. You cannot just go to the Luxor to smell the vanilla that they pump into the halls so that people feel comfortable and want to gamble more. This particular hotel is so amazing that is just like a pyramid from Egypt. You can see how big they really are, and you must get close to take some pictures of its amazing scale.

6. Honorable Mentions

You should try the fountains at the Bellagio because they create a beautiful show that you can watch at any time of the day or night. You might want to come to the city just to see the planes take off from McCarron because there is supposedly a plane that goes to Area 51 every day. You could go to the city to see the Golden Nugget where they still have the World Series of Poker, or you might go to Fremont Street to see the glass covering that hangs over it even now. The inside of the Venetian is beautiful like a canal, and the indoor mall at the Aladdin is so beautiful that it makes you feel like you are in a bazaar in the Middle East.

The city of Las Vegas has many great sights, and you must try them all because they change how you view this city and the expense of taking a trip out to gamble or shop.