The Top Five Views To Visit In Las Vegas

The top five views of Las Vegas are hard to pick because there are so many great things for you to see in the city. You might have chosen to come to Vegas to shop and gamble, but you still need to have a time to see all the sights in the city. Las Vegas is one for the most beautiful cities in America because the lights never go down, and there is something to see in the daytime and at night. Look over the five best sights below because they are all pretty magnificent.

1. Check Out The Desert

You must go to one of the hotels that now sits on Fremont Street where you have a view of the desert that is all around this city. You need to see if you can get a view from the pool because that allows you the view that people had in the 50s and 60s when the government was doing nuclear tests. The view that you get of the desert also has mountains in the background, and it is something you should not take for granted even from ground level.

2. The Stratosphere

The Stratosphere hotel is a place where you can rise above everything int he city and even the mountains out in the desert. There is a roller coaster on top of the hotel that will give you an incredible view if you love that sort of thing, and there is a viewing deck that lets you look out over the whole area in a 360 degree view. You can eat up there, and it is a good place to hang out if you like that kind of view. People who stay at this hotel often go up to the top just because it is so pretty, and that is why you should do the same thing and at least go up once.

3. The New York Coaster

The coaster that rides you around the New York New York hotel is a great view of the city because it does not take you too high. You feel like you are riding in a drone that gives you the most perfect view of the city, and that view keeps changing. You get especially close to the facades that were built for this hotel, and you feel like you could reach out and touch them. That is something you might not want to try, but it gives you that sense of wonder like you are a small child.

4. The Caesar’s Palace Fountains

It is true that the fountains and pool at the Bellagio are amazing, but you have to see the fountains at Caesar’s because they are one fo the original wonders of the west. Seattle has the Space Needle and Caesar’s has these fountains. Evel Knievel jumped over them once, and they are still a sign of something grand. People come to Vegas just to see these fountains, and you must get close enough for some pictures. Do not go by these things and not stop to stare in awe for just a second.

5. The Luxor

You must get close enough tot he Luxor to see that this pyramid is much bigger than you could have imagined. It has that light coming out the top at all hours of the day, and it is one of the places in Vegas that you cannot miss because it is so big. You cannot just go to the Luxor to smell the vanilla that they pump into the halls so that people feel comfortable and want to gamble more. This particular hotel is so amazing that is just like a pyramid from Egypt. You can see how big they really are, and you must get close to take some pictures of its amazing scale.

6. Honorable Mentions

You should try the fountains at the Bellagio because they create a beautiful show that you can watch at any time of the day or night. You might want to come to the city just to see the planes take off from McCarron because there is supposedly a plane that goes to Area 51 every day. You could go to the city to see the Golden Nugget where they still have the World Series of Poker, or you might go to Fremont Street to see the glass covering that hangs over it even now. The inside of the Venetian is beautiful like a canal, and the indoor mall at the Aladdin is so beautiful that it makes you feel like you are in a bazaar in the Middle East.

The city of Las Vegas has many great sights, and you must try them all because they change how you view this city and the expense of taking a trip out to gamble or shop.

These 10 Natural Wonders in the US Feature Volcanoes, Caves, Coastline and More

Below, we present of list of ten Natural Wonders in the US that we believe are worth visiting.


Acadia, Maine was once part of “New France”. Among the geographic features in the 47,000 acres Acadia National Park is 1,530′ high Cadillac Mountain the highest mountain on the East Coast.

Once privately owned the islands that comprise Acadia National Park were donated to the government to establish the first National Park on the East Coast. The park offers forests for hiking, granite peaks for climbing, preserved carriage roads for biking, and coastline for water sports and whale watching.

Adirondack Forest Preserve

Many think the Adirondack mountains are part of the Appalachians. They actually belong to the Laurentian Mountains. In the autumn New York’s Adirondacks are a leaf peeper’s paradise.

In the winter visitors can ski White Face Mountain. Sportspeople can hunt, fish and trap. Canoers can shoot the rapids through Ausable Chasm. In addition to every outdoor activity imaginable, the preserve also features sites devoted to the area’s history.

Crater of Diamonds

Discovered in Crater of Diamonds State Park the 40.23 carat Uncle Sam is the largest diamond ever found in the US. The diamonds and the crater are by-products of a volcanic eruption.

A vacation that might pay for itself visitors can scour the 37.5-acre site for diamonds and if you find it you keep it. In 2014 visitors found white diamonds equalling 6.19 and 3.69 carats.

Death Valley

Death Valley holds two world records. The hottest surface temperatures ever recorded 201 degrees F. The air temperature around the park’s aptly named Furnace Creek has reached a world record 134 degrees F.

Still, Death Valley is something of a misnomer. There are oases that are hospitable to human and animal life. Death Valley’s “walking” rocks move on their own as a result of freezing and thawing.


The million-and-a-half acre Everglades National Park is a monument to biodiversity. While some of the plants and animals that call the park home are indigenous to the US others can also be found in tropical regions of the Carribean.

Occupied by endangered manatees and Panthers the park is also home to alligators. The park’s Shark Valley whose name comes from the Shark River that is a tributary of the Everglades offers visitors the chance go gator watching by foot, bike, or tram.

Grand Canyon

Theodore Roosevelt is responsible for the 6,093′ deep Grand Canyon being declared a National Park. The canyon was the Pueblo Peoples’ equivalent of Mecca and Native American tribes still call the canyon home.

The air at the Grand Canyon is considered the cleanest in the US. Featuring several ecosystems the Canyon is home to 90 species of mammals and 129 types of vegetation. The climate at the Grand Canyon varies according to the depth at each point.

Mammoth Cave

Comprised of limestone and sandstone Mammoth Cave’s 400 miles of explored passages make it the world’s largest cave system. A dozen of those passages can be explored by tourists. A rock formation called “Frozen Niagra” resembles a frozen waterfall.

The first white tourists visited the site in the early 19th Century. Slaves acted as their tour guides. Among the wildlife that resides in the cave are two species of fish that have no eyes owing to their living underground.

Redwood Park System

Redwood trees can achieve heights approaching 400′ and can live as long as 700 years. Red Wood National and State Parks is a network of 30 parks.

In addition to their namesake trees, the parks also consist of over 30 miles of coastline, rivers, prairies, and forests of oak. A 32-mile drive through the Avenue of the Giants will take you through 50,000 acres of Giant Redwoods.

Volcanoes National Park

Located on the big island of Hawaii the Kilauea and Mauna Loa volcanoes are the centerpieces of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. You can see how the Hawaiian Islands were born and watch the big island get bigger.

Kilauea last erupted in 1983 and continues to erupt today. Over the last 25 years, Kilauea’s lava has added 550 new acres to the island of Hawaii. At 30,000′ tall Mauna Loa is the largest volcano on earth.

Yellow Stone

Yellow Stone’s Old Faithful Geyser is powered by a subterranean supervolcano. The almost 3500 square mile park encompasses portions of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. In 1872 Yellow Stone became our first National Park.

A platform at the top of Lower Yellow Stone Falls affords visitors the chance to watch the fall’s waters make their 308′ decent or you can take a staircase to the bottom of the falls. The park’s wildlife includes bison, elk, bears, and hundreds of other species.

The View is Better with Runway Escorts

Many people head to Las Vegas with the goal of finding beautiful escorts to have lots of wonderful experiences with. Many of these customers leave Las Vegas disappointed in their experience not because the options that they are looking for in Las Vegas escorts doesn’t exist, but rather because they made poor choices when choosing an escort. Finding a great escort doesn’t require prohibitive Amounts of money, but it does require a significant amount of effort in research to perform. Here are some tips to find the right Las Vegas escort and escort agency for you.

Know What You are Looking for and Set a Budget

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Do Some Research on Where to Find an Escort

The main options that exist for those seeking escorts are independent escorts and agencies. Each have their pluses and minuses and understanding that can make a real difference in what you experience with the escort. Independent escorts are capable of providing higher highs and lower lows. While you can have a wonderful experience with a sexually permissive independent who is doing escort work for the first time, you can also get burned when visiting an independent escort and lose a lot in the process. Some people are robbed by independent escorts and even have worse consequences.

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Do Your Research

Before you choose an escort agency or an escort from the agency you are choosing, spend time reading descriptions and reviews of the escorts available to see if their offerings are in line with your interests. By linking your interests with their offerings and reviews you can make sure you are going to have an excellent experience and leave the agency with what you want. Don’t ignore your budget or appearance either, but attitude is often the biggest factor in a positive experience.

Finally, give back to the escort and the agency by tipping those who provide a great service and by providing great reviews for those who make you happy and add to your escort experience. More than anything, giving back with feedback makes all in the industry stay honest and hardworking and rewards good behavior.

My View Of World

My view of the world is changing every day as I see more and more information about what is happening around us. I must rethink how I approach the world and the people in it, and I hope that other people do the say. It would only be right to give people the consideration that they are due by considering a new view of the world, and there are some pointers here that explain how my view has changed.

1. How Do We Deal With Injustice?

There must be a way to deal with injustice that addresses all the problems in the world and the people that create them. Someone who has been wronged must be made right again. People who have been betrayed by injustice must be given some sort of help. We must represent the people who feel injustice, and must use art to speak to their struggles.

2. How Does My View Change?

I welcome more people into my life every day, and I know that I must allow these people to change my thinking. I want them to talk to me about what is going on in this world, and I want to know how that impacts them. My view fo the world changes because the people that I love have a hand in my opinion. It is very easy for people to learn when they have diverse viewpoints in their lives.

3. What Is The Purpose Of Rethinking Your Worldview?

Rethinking your worldview is a much easier thing to do when you have planned to change the way that you think by starting every day fresh. The days that are spent in thought are not wasted, and you must use your wits to consider your position. You must think about how your position on things impacts your friends, and tyou begin to think more like them because you see what it is like to live in their shows.

4. What Do I Believe?

I believe that the world needs justice, and I believe that the people in it need to be cared for. We must look through our own feelings to see what we believe, and we must share that we others. I tell me friends that I believe in love, acceptance, and faithfulness above all things. We believe in those things because they change lives. We want to give people the things that they need, and we should all give them these things every day in total faithfulness.

5. Write It Down

You must write down your worldview and share it with others. You might have a plan for your life that you can post on a blog, or you could alter how you think by simply telling people that you are trying to make changes. The changes that you are making are the things that you should write down so that you can see your development. It is pretty simple for you to use the writings that you have so that you can relax, and you can use that information to complete change how you approach things that happen in your life.

6. Worldviews Should Flex

Your worldview should become more and more flexible over time. You might or might not have done a lot things in the past that you are not proud of, but you could change those things as you adjust your worldview. It is pretty simple way for you to alter how you manage your lifestyle. The lifestyle that you lead must be set up in a way that is best for you. You thought that something was perfect years ago, but it is time that you changed and got with the times. People often forget to do that, and that is where people begin to have problems because they are living in the past.

7. The Design Of The World

You need to get out in the world and start to change the design of what you see. It is far simpler for you to change the way that you live by altering not only your worldview but the way that you interact with your worldview. Your friends want to know that you are doing something that could change you, and you might find that you could alter something that will help you live a more fruitful life.

8. Conclusion

Your worldview must be the thing that guides you in every way. You must work with the people around you to set up the worldview that you can live by. You must use the worldview to inform how you interact with people, and you must decide on a way that works best for you. You must give your friends a glimpse of this worldview, and you should let your friends know that you support them as part of this worldview.