My fantastic business partner Lindsay and I are offering a Small Business Saturday sale.

Lindsay and I run a Virtual Assistant business called SmallBizSupport. We've been doing this for 10 years now and are very proud of the business we have built but our success is largely due to the many wonderful small business owners who have hired us over the years. 

As a thank-you to them we are offering a special 20% off discount for this weekend only.

I know a lot of my readers are bloggers themselves and I know many of you are feeling rather overwhelmed by all that you need to get done over the holiday season. 

We can help! 

Here are 25 different ways SmallBizSupport can help bloggers reach their full potential and reclaim their time:

  1. Content creation – we can write those blog posts for you! 
  2. Blog post editing – let us make sure your posts are perfect before you hit publish.
  3. Ideas – do you have writer’s block? We can come up with a list of topics for you.
  4. Email management- are you overwhelmed by pitches from companies wanting to promote their products on your blog? We can reply to them all for you.
  5. Pitching Brands – are you hoping to make more connections with companies? We can write those pitches for you!
  6. Creating & maintaining an editorial publishing calendar – we can help you organize your posting.
  7. Social Media Management – we can help you manage and grow your social media accounts.
  8. Social Media posting – let us create & schedule updates to your various social media accounts to free up your time.
  9. Social Media content creation – we can turn your blog posts into social media updates.
  10. Proofreading – we can go through your old blog posts and make sure there are no mistakes.
  11. Images – let us create share-worthy images for your blog posts.
  12. Ghostwriting reviews – are you a review blogger? We can write those reviews for you.
  13. Ghostwriting guest posts – are you working to get your blog noticed? We can write guest posts for you to publish on other sites.
  14. Transcription – we can turn your videos into blog posts.
  15. Commenting – who has time to read and comment on all those posts? We can do it for you.
  16. Responding – we can respond to commenters on your behalf.
  17. Blog Management – let us do the things you find annoying such as tagging posts or approving comments.
  18. Newsletters – get your content out to your subscribers and keep your audience engaged.
  19. Downloads – are you looking for something you can offer your subscribers? Let us help!
  20. Courses – do you have all sorts of good ideas that you want to share with others? Let us help you turn your great ideas into another income source for you.
  21. Training – not sure how to do something specific? We can help.
  22. Auditing – we can go through your entire website and make sure the links all work and your copy reads well.
  23. Research – name a topic and we can find out more for you!
  24. Twitter parties / chats – we can jump in and help you organize and run the perfect party.
  25. Consulting – we have 10+ years experience blogging and would love to pass what we’ve learned onto you!

Blogging can take a lot of time and energy but a Virtual Assistant can take the pressure off.


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