Monday, December 19, 2011

Victorious for Nintendo DS

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Nickelodeon Victorious Hollywood Arts Debut
Nintendo DS game
Rated E by D3 Publisher

Product Features (from
Edition: Hollywood Arts Debut

  • Take part in crazy adventures with Tori, Beck and all the stars from the show
  • Explore Hollywood Arts and find hidden items and unlockables around every corner
  • Create and customize your own character with clothes, accessories, locker decorations, and more!
  • Exciting and intuitive mini-games using the stylus such as dancing and singing with Tori!

Guest Review by my husband Doug

I haven’t had the privilege of seeing the TV show this game is based on. It’s a game where you are new to a school and go through little tasks to succeed at the different things going on in the school.

The controls of the game are all based on the stylus. This is okay as there isn’t any really ‘action’ in the game, it’s a quest based, do these things to progress to the next level kind of a game. There is a lot of reading to determine what your next task will be. You get to customize your character throughout the game and the more you complete the more options you have for your character’s clothes and accessories. I can foresee that my daughter would want to play this game, but not being able to read would bring a lot of frustration.

The graphics were a little less then I expected but certainly are more then enough to convey the story and what the game is doing.

If your little one can read and likes Victorious then I think this would be a good game for them!!

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