Addition-Elle and Me

Last week I attended the ShesConnected social media conference in Toronto. Addition-Elle was kind enough to send me a gift card to buy some clothes for the conference. I was super excited. It can be very hard to find clothes that fit well when you are a plus size lady.

My friend Ruth (@MomsMusings) and I shopped at the Addition-Elle in downtown Toronto... it is HUGE!! Two floors filled with lovely clothing - all of which come in MY SIZE! (insert happy dance here)

The lovely manager at the store helped us shop and picked out about a zillion different outfits for me to try on.  It was a good thing she was there because I was completely overwhelmed by all the choices. Seriously, I am NOT used to having that many options.

This is her being buried by my stuff...

She was fabulous and I am sure she will be thrilled to see a picture of herself here on my blog. Maybe.

I tried on about 6 million outfits in their very pretty dressing rooms and eventually decided on some great clothes to wear at the conference.

Ruth joined in and bought herself a very pretty camp & cardigan combo as well just for fun...

I should mention at this point that I had my camera set wrong somehow and all my pictures turned out slightly blurry. I have no idea HOW that actually happened since I totally had it in "AUTO" mode but there you have it. So sorry about that. Tragically every single picture I took at the conference turned out the same way. Very annoying.  

Anyway, we happily left the store with our fun purchases and headed off to the conference.

Here are the two outfits I chose...

This outfit is made up of the: 

and this one...

this outfit is the:

I also added two pretty necklaces to complete the looks. I got a whole bunch of comments and I felt completely comfortable the whole time. I didn't feel the constant need to adjust/ pull/ tighten/ loosen/ hike up/ push down anything I was wearing which was sure nice for a change.

Great clothes that fit well are truly a treat- thanks so much Addition-Elle!


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