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Toy Story 3 Action Links Junkyard Escape Stunt Set

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Toy Story 3 Action Links™ Junkyard Escape Stunt Set

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Create wild adventures from the massive Disney/Pixar hit! Straight from the hit movie's big finish, get a firm grasp on stunts like "The Claw" or get carried away on 'The Conveyer Belt" stunt challenge. Action Links™ are linkable playsets that simply snap together to create an interactive, adventurous Toy Story world. Once connected, a simple push of a button sets off the fun, creating a chain reaction of events where characters fly through the air, zip line to safety and defend against evil villains, too!

Watch a video of the toy designer
  • Set up and conquer five different stunts

  • Combine with other Action Links™ sets for more chain reactions
  • Three Toy Story 3 Buddy figures included

  • Works with most Toy Story 3 Buddy figures



I really thought my kids would love this toy. They adore the Toy Story 3 movie so I figured this toy would be a huge hit... and it was... for one afternoon. They all played with it for awhile when I first brought it out but ever since then it has mostly just sat around. I even put it right out in the open so they wouldn't just forget it existed. 


I think my boys are just too old for it ( they are 7 & 8 ) and it failed to capture my daughter's (age 4)  interest. Go figure. 


When I asked my boys what they thought of it they told me it is a cool toy and they liked it... but they honestly never play with it. They said it would be better if we had another track for it and if we had the Buzz Lightyear character. 


I suspect that most 5-6 year old boys who are Toy Story 3 fans would really like this toy.


Thanks so much to Mattel for sending us this toy to review.

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