Thursday, February 10, 2011

iCarly: iJoin the Click!

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Before Christmas we were sent iCarly 2: iJoin the Click! to review. With the chaos of the holidays it got forgotten about (sorry!) but a couple weeks ago I pulled it out again and gave it to a couple of the young ladies from our church to try out.

From the Manufacturer Product Description

You are Ridgeway High School’s newest student! For the first time ever, enter the world of iCarly as you explore locations from the show, play insane games and unlock and collect crazy items! Hang out with Carly, Sam, Freddie, Spencer and Gibby as you go shopping, complete missions and tasks, earn money, and most importantly, work with the gang to make the most awesome iCarly show ever!

Key Game Features
  • LIVE in 5, 4, 3, 2...! It’s all up to you to help Carly in her quest to turn iCarly into an even bigger world-wide sensation! Find props for the set, crew for the show, wacky content to feature, hundreds of collectibles, and then put it all together to turn iCarly into the world’s most popular web-show!
  • Explore the iCarly World - Visit over 20 locations in the crazy world of iCarly, including Ridgeway High, the Groovy Smoothie, and even Carly’s bedroom!
  • Creativity and Customization - Customize the iCarly set and your own bedroom with tons of items including furniture, random art, and more. Deck out your character with outfits, costumes and accessories - over 1000 collectible items to gather!
  • Be a Part of the iCarly Community - Make friends and throw amazing parties, go shopping, get involved with local events, and much more! Interact with the Cast of the Show - Chill with Carly, Sam, Freddie, Spencer, Gibby! You’ll also meet Nevel, Jeremy, Mandy, Principal Franklin, Mrs. Benson, T-Bo, nasty Lewbert and more peeps!
  • iCarly Fashions - Use your DSi camera to create unique fashion pieces and to take pictures to hang on the wall of the set of iCarly!
  • Get Connected - Keep up on the latest news at Ridgeway High. Reputation is where it’s at and it’s up to you to show the cast members what an awesome show looks like! Bolster your friendships and find out what characters are up to with the latest social networking tools like InYourFacePages.


Olivia liked playing the game... theoretically... but since she is only 4 she just sort of played bits of it. My boys played it a few times too and said it was fun but for girls.

I had two girls from our church try it out for me- they are 11 & 12 years old. They were both thrilled to do so! I asked them what they thought and they said it was fun, they both liked the characters and the idea of the game and thought all the things they could do were cool. They also said it was a bit confusing sometimes though.

I asked them if they would recommend it for a friend and they both said yes. So that is a good sign!

Thanks so much to Activision for sending us this game to review.

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