Monday, June 28, 2010

Vacation: Day 1

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I am currently sitting in a hotel room in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. My kids are all asleep and Doug and I are sitting in the dark trying to relax from this crazy day.

This morning we saw a deer get hit by a transport truck and it was horrible awful sad. I literally saw the whole thing- from the deer running into traffic to one truck swerving to miss it to it being hit by another truck and flung through the air to land twitching and flailing in the middle of the road in front of us. The transport truck was not affected in any way and we were in no danger or anything but oh it was awful. Owen saw it too. Thankfully Olivia and Aiden were oblivious. But the sight has haunted both Owen and I all day.

I mean it was seriously heartbreaking to see it suffer so much. I hope it died quickly.

I was nauseous for hours. Owen had a lot of questions and cried some too. I told him that Jesus took the deer to deer heaven right away so it wouldn't be in pain anymore and so it could run and play and be happy and not ever have to worry about being hit by a truck again.

I've never seen that before and I hope to never see it again.

And that was in the first hour of our trip.

The rest of the day was much less eventful. Thank-you God.

Tomorrow we head to the great wide open space that is Saskatchewan!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

One More Sleep

Pin It This expression cracks me up...

It was the expression Aiden gave me when I told him that we weren't leaving for vacation until Monday morning. Only one more sleep!

I sure have a ton to do though... I may be up all night.

Oh, and it is pouring rain so the kids are trapped inside. That also means our "church in the park" service will no longer be in the park.

And I discovered that our sleeping bags all smell urine-like and that won't do so I am washing them one at a time and hoping they are all fresh for tomorrow.

I folded laundry for an hour and a half straight last night. We have too many clothes/ blankets/ towels/ sheets etc.. Seriously. I bet we could cloth a small village.

My super awesome amazing mom is going to house-sit/ cat-sit for us and she told me not to worry about leaving the house totally clean for her- she'll clean it while we are away!!!!! Seriously the best happy-vacation gift ever!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Peaceful Morning Gaming

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This is what my kids were doing at 8:30 am this morning... playing their Nintendo DS' under the tree in our front yard. They were so peaceful and quiet. I thought they looked so cute all lined up in a row, oldest to youngest. And look- No fighting! No whining! Just enjoying each others company. They were even talking and laughing together while playing.

Thanks Nintendo :)

Now if we could only quit losing those tiny little DS games!! Olivia lost her most favourite game "Zhu Zhu Pets" and I am really hoping we find it before leaving for vacation on Monday!

*Nintendo didn't ask me to post this. In fact I am certain they do not know I exist. But they really should. :) *

Friday, June 25, 2010

Kung Zhu Pets *review*

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Thanks to MomSelect I was given the opportunity to review the latest and greatest toys from the world of Zhu Zhu Pets- Kung Zhu! We were sent a ginormous box of Kung Zhu toys to try out ...

I can't even begin to describe how excited my kids were!

We were sent everything necessary for a true Kung Zhu battle! We found the sets very easy to put together and set up. The boys were immediately thrilled with the whole battle-idea. They were very impressed that the Kung Zhu pets changed personalities and went from cute to battle-ready.

Olivia (age 3) even got into it. All three kids chose a Kung Zhu hamster for their very own and even in the week since it arrived have continued to be attached to THEIR pet.

I thought the hamster armour was an especially cool touch. Owen was especially fond of the tank. Aiden was more than slightly impressed with the training tracks.

The only down side is that it pretty much took over my whole living room for a few days until I made them set it all up in the basement! But it has provided hours of entertainment for all three of my kids and their friends who visit.

We did have a problem with the batteries that were included with the pets- we had to replace them pretty much immediately. Other than that though we've had no trouble. We've only had it for a couple weeks but nothing has been broken yet... and that is impressive.

Both of my sons have asked for a Kung Zhu game for their Nintendo DS and that is a sign they like them!

There is a ton of different toys that you can get to fill up your living space with Kung Zhu mania.

I suspect most kids- especially boys- would have fun with Kung Zhu pets!

Thanks so much to Kung Zhu Pets sending me these great products to review and thanks to MomSelect for giving me the opportunity to participate.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Backyard Boating

Pin It Olivia + the lid for the sandbox + a plastic shovel + a kiddie pool =

a happily floating Olivia enjoying backyard boating.

I love her creativity :)

She wants a bigger pool now so that her boat has more room to float. Of course.

Mad-Eye Owen

Pin It The Scene of the Crime:

The Weapon:

The Perpetrator:

The Wound:

Owen as Mad-Eye Moody:

The funny part? Owen ASKED Aiden to throw the ball at his head!

and then of course Olivia had to pretend she was injured too:

Kids. Go figure.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- family photo success!

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(you can see what it took to get us to that point on my husband's blog)

Find more Wordless Wednesday at

Backyard Safari Outfitters *review*

Pin It All three of my kids were very excited about a box we got in the mail last week- it contained 3 especially cool products from Backyard Safari Outfitters.

1. the Bug Wrangler's Bug Vacuum
2. Essential Field Gear 5 X 30 Power Field Binocs
3. the Essential Field Gear Cargo Vest

As soon as I got the stuff out of the box my kids were immediately fighting over who would get to try it all out first! Since Owen (age 6) is our resident explorer I let him have the first go. He was so very excited...

Children can now get up-close and personal with nature right in their own backyard or nearby park. Backyard Safari Outfitters equips young explorers with all the essential field gear they could possibly need for scoping out local “wildlife,” from insects in the grass to birds in the sky to frogs in a pond -- and more!  Kids can choose from a broad array of fun gear and tools, including the practical and very snappy looking Cargo Vest, as well as the cool Bug Vacuum, Mega View Periscope – among dozens of other choices.

Owen immediately put on the vest and the binoculars, put the Bug Vacuum together, opened the pop-up field guide and set out to catch some bugs!

Here he is telling me which bugs he is going to catch first...

Unfortunately it was pouring rain that day but the did manage to catch a house fly and some crumbs off of the carpet :)

On Sunday the sun came out and Owen finally got to have his very own backyard safari!

We spent several hours at the park and Owen spent almost the entire time playing with the new gear. He had fun searching for things using the binoculars and he also thought it was pretty funny that he could see us all "huge". :)

Of course his siblings wanted to be part of the action too...

Owen managed to catch various disgusting delightful bugs and he had a great time studying them. The cargo vest is very cool- it has pockets for both the field guide and the binocs and a bunch of extra pockets too... the one down side is that there was nowhere to hang the bug vacuum. Both of my boys (and my husband) thought there should be some way of attaching the bug vaccum to the vest - like a holster or something.

 The bug vacuum is really cool- it is strong enough to suck up some nasty little insects into a little see through container that you can close off so the bugs can't escape. I will say that the batteries it came with were weak at best and had to be changed within minutes... but once we got some decent batteries in there we were good to go.

Aiden (age 8) has been especially impressed with the bug vacuum. He wrangled it away from Owen at one point and spent a good half hour studying a beetle... keep in mind Aiden has high-functioning Autism and ADHD so spending a half hour at one thing is pretty darn impressive!

I must admit I hate bugs... I pretty much freak out when most of them come anywhere near me... but I totally took one for the team and studied those bugs right along with the kids. 

Overall we have been really pleased with the Backyard Safari gear. Olivia loves the vest even though it is too big for her and she adores the binoculars. Actually all three kids love the binoculars. Owen truly felt like an explorer and I had a great time watching him!

If you have little explorers in your life than be sure to check out Backyard Safari Outfitters for some great summer fun!

Thanks so much to Team Mom and Backyard Safari Outfitters for giving me the opportunity to do this review.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day Fun

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I've mentioned before that I absolutely adore animoto... I love the videos I can make!! I made this one of our Father's Day fun...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Taking Flight?

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Yesterday afternoon Owen found some feathers on the ground...

and so logically he decided to "fly" with them.

He was yelling "look dad, I'm flying!" while flapping his "wings".

He even caught a little bit of air :)

I love his imagination!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Fun

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Doug is a wonderful dad and our kids know it... and so do I  :) .

The boys made him some really cute gifts at school. This is from Owen...


My Dad is special because he can be a fruntflip! (do a front flip on the trampoline)
I like it when my Dad tiklis (tickles) me.
My Dad can do many things! I think he's best at tiklin (tickling) me.
My Dad has a big smile! I like to make him smile by giving a hug.
My Dad is as strong as a brike (brick)
My Dad is smart! He even knows how to be a sib flip! (do a side flip on the trampoline)

Apparently Owen is very impressed by Doug's skills on the trampoline. And can I just say that my personal favourite line is "My Dad is as strong as a brick". BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Mercy that child is funny. I love how kids express things :)

Owen also made this cute picture & frame- it is Owen and Daddy riding bikes together.

Even the envelope was decorated beautifully...

Aiden made Doug this cute picture frame...

And so then we needed to take a picture of Aiden and Daddy together to put in the frame!

We tried to take a good one at the park...

Aiden was- not surprisingly- a bit silly...

But I did manage to get this one picture and I really love it...

Then Owen wanted to join in the picture...

and so I thought I would try and get a "daddy and his kids" picture...

I never did manage to get a good one of the 4 of them because a bug had the nerve to land nearby...

Olivia asked Doug to help her on the pretend log-rolling thingy at the playground...

she was really cute about it and very proud of herself for making the log roll...

And just for fun Owen had a stare-down with Doug...

Then we all went to church for our "church in the park" service.

It was an all-around great father's day if you ask me!

Happy father's day Doug, I love you and am so thankful that you are such a great dad to our kids!
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