Mythbusters : Science of Sports Kit * review *

Thanks to Team Mom we were given the chance to try out the Mythbusters Science of Sports kit.

Product Description

Ages: 9+
There will be lots of variables to test in the myths Jamie and Adam included in this kit, which try to prove some of the crazy stories the guys have heard about sports. It might seem that the outcome in sports comes down to which team has the most luck or which athlete has the most talent. And sure, both of those things are important. But science plays a major role in sports as well. You couldn't score a goal or hit a home run or throw a touchdown without it. What do you think will happen when we start using our brains and not just our muscles?
Includes string, mallet, ping-pong ball, baseball, rubber ball, chart, sticker sheet, marker, clear tube, face paint, stick, activity guide.

My kids are all a little young for this kit so there was a lot of parent-coaching going on but they still had a ton of fun. The Mythbusters kits are very hands-on and both of my sons enjoy science experiments... Olivia enjoyed watching and getting in the way ;).  The kit contains several different myths to test- ranging from very simple to more involved experiments. The instructions are  very easy to read and follow with step-by-step, kid friendly directions.

Mythbusters kits are perfect for kids who love science but I suspect most kids would have a good time with them.

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Thanks so much to Team Mom for giving me the opportunity to review this product.


Patricia Ward said…
Just noticing Owen's beautiful hands. Perfect for a keyboard or guitar!!

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