Moon Dough * review *

Thanks to Team Mom we had the opportunity to try out a Moon Dough Barnyard Play Set.

Moon Dough (for children ages 2-4 ) is an amazing new molding compound unlike anything you've seen before! Moon Dough is soft and marshmallow-like, cleans up easily, and never dries out, so you can use it again and again. It's also hypo-allergenic and wheat-free. Kids will have a blast sculpting and molding the dough into fun creations.

The Barnyard Play Set included:
  • Magical molding barnyard, fence and hay bale molds
  • Themed play mat
  • Four unique animal moulds - cow, pig, sheep, and horse
  • Three colors of Moon Dough

What we LOVED

  • The kids absolutely love Moon Dough. Olivia loves it the most and plays with it several times a day, every day. She has played with the Barnyard Set dozens of times but has also used Moon Dough in various tea parties and games of "restaurant".  Aiden and Owen played with it the first day we got it and Owen will occasionally play with his sister and has fun but the boys are a little old for it.
  • The barnyard play set is fun and all the kids loved how you could "crank out" Moon Dough animals. 
  • I LOVE that it never dries out. Brilliant.

What we were NOT thrilled with

  • The mess is just insane. Seriously. We have Moon Dough all over the table, the chairs, the floors... everywhere. I suppose it is relatively easy to clean up... except that the clean up is just constant. I have vacuumed Moon Dough up off my floors dozens of times since it arrived 2 weeks ago.
  • The handle on our Barnyard set keeps falling off but that might be because my boys were using it and are harder on toys than my daughter.
  • It is pretty much impossible to keep the colours separated so you end up with a sort of swirly non-colour in the end.
  • We found it hard to make anything with the Moon Dough unless we were using one of the provided moulds. It is not easy to just create stuff like you can with playdoh. 
  • The Moon Dough smelled just nasty when it first came out of the package but that smell did disappear over the next day or two. 

I think Moon Dough is fabulous in terms of the fun it provides for kids but it really needs to be in some sort of confined play space or the mess will just drive you crazy. Olivia is a huge fan of Moon Dough so if you have a 2-4 year old they likely will be too!

Thanks so much to Team Mom and Moon Dough for sending me this product to review.


Patricia Ward said…
Olivia and I made wonderful apple pies with moon dough - see them in the picture? Olivia is a wonderful little pretend tea party hostess!
silverneon2000 said…
We keep thing about purchasing it for the holidays for our youngest son who will be 6 in January. But even how my son plays with playdoh he makes quite a mess but has so much fun palying with it.
I am unsure of what to do. My son sees the commercial and asks for it.

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