Friday, September 17, 2010

The Case of the Missing Jewelry...

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I am going out with "the girls" tonight (YAY!) and when I was getting ready a strange thing happened. I opened my jewelry box and discovered that ALL of my necklaces were gone. I wasn't overly surprised though because I know a certain little girl who loves playing dress-up princess with my stuff. I have found my jewelry around the house before... I don't have anything particularly valuable so it isn't a huge deal. I can usually find one when I need it. But not tonight! Where did they all go? Couldn't she leave one behind for me to wear tonight?

When I asked her if she knew where they were she just smiled and say "sowee mommy".

Gotta love her.


Tanya said...

oh, my. "sowwee, mommy" indeed! LOL!

Petula said...

You're such a patient mommy. She is cute though!

Patricia Ward said...

Did u check HER jewellry box???

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