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Parenthood Season One on DVD
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From executive producers Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Jason Katims comes the refreshingly original hit series that critics hail as “hilarious and heartbreaking” (In Touch Weekly) and “in a class of its own” (Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times). Featuring an all-star ensemble cast, including Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls), Peter Krause (Six Feet Under), Dax Shepard (Baby Mama), and Craig T. Nelson (Coach), Parenthood follows four grown siblings of the far-from-perfect Braverman clan as they try to balance kids and careers, dreams and commitments, and romance or a total lack thereof. Join some of the best actors on television for a genuinely funny and heartwarming journey through the most challenging and rewarding role of a lifetime—being a parent.

Starring: Craig T. Nelson, Lauren Graham, Peter Krause


I love, love, LOVE this show. I think Parenthood is absolutely fabulous. I was hooked from the very first show. It is currently my favourite TV show right now! I originally started watching it because of Lauren Graham- I adored her in Gilmore Girls and was just plain excited to see her in another TV show. I was not dissappointed.

I have read a few complaints that she is playing essentially the same character in Parenthood as she did in Gilmore Girls... and although I can definitely see the similarities (both Lorelai Gilmore and Sarah Braverman are single mothers) there are very strong differences. Sarah Braverman has a lot more "issues" and is significantly less optimistic. Also Sarah has two kids with huge issues as to the one rather perfect child Lorelai had in Gilmore Girls. The writing is completely different but I do think that Gilmore Girls fans would really enjoy Parenthood as well.

Lauren Graham is certainly not the only star in Parenthood and I find the whole cast fantastic. The inclusion of a storyline that involves an Autistic kid (Max Braverman played by Max Burkholder) hit me especially hard... I really can't  tell you all how much I can relate to Adam & Kristina Braverman (played by Peter Krause and Monica Potter). Their storyline has made me weep repeatedly and I love that Parenthood is giving more airtime to the effect Autism has on a family. Brilliant.

I could really go on and on about Parenthood- it has all the best elements of TV: drama, entertainment and humour! As I have said on this blog before I love watching TV shows on DVD because then I can watch them whenever I can fit them in- between parenting and work and cleaning and LIFE interrupting me constantly :). The bonus features on the DVD's are great too.

I happily recommend Parenthood- it is all around great entertainment!

Thanks so much to NBC Universal for sending me this amazing show to review.


Amanda Daybyday said…
Makes me want the new season to start right NOW!
Cheryl D. said…
I had something like 3 posts dedicated to this show. I love it! I was a little eh on it during the pilot, but it quickly grew on me. One thing that they ALWAYS handled exceedingly well is the Asperger story-line. They really nailed that one! Excellent show!
Patricia Ward said…
Can't wait to see Parenthood!
AussieMaz said…
Parenthood started on tv here a few weeks ago. It has lived up to the good things I'd heard about it, we're really enjoying watching it.

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