If You Let Your Child Roam Around Unsupervised...

here are a few things you should teach them before letting them roam around in MY neighbourhood...

1. Don't go into other people's houses uninvited... beyond the fact that it is complete unsafe it is also very rude. If we wanted you in our house we would invite you in.

2. Don't tease the kid with Autism. That makes you an a** and it is completely unacceptable.

3. Don't underestimate the mom's ability to HEAR YOU trying to manipulate her three year old into bringing you food/toys/treats/etc. from inside their house to give you. Do not be naive enough to think she will allow this to happen. You are not sneaky, stop thinking you are. You may not want to choose "spy" as a profession.

4. Don't manipulate little kids or kids with special needs. That makes you a BULLY. And despite what you think it is NOT fun to watch another child sob.

5. Stop trying to break stuff that is NOT IN YOUR YARD.

6. Stop ringing the doorbell six hundred times and stop playing that stupid game where you knock on the door and then run away. You suck at it and we know who you are.

7. Remember that you do NOT know more than the adults. Stop being so snotty.

8. Do NOT torture your younger siblings in front of another mother. She will get angry with you and tell your mother. So there.

9. Stop stealing the three-year old children's snacks. You are not a pack of vultures so stop acting like one.

10. GO HOME before Aiden and Owen's mom looses her ever-loving mind.

This helpful message brought to you by the mom on the brink of insanity. Cheers.


Emily B said…
Wow. Sounds like you have some *awesome* neighbours with equally awesome parenting skills!
Tanya said…
Wow! How 'bout a locked gate on your yard. Oy!

Things you shouldn't even have to say, but people just don't parent these days.
Patricia Ward said…
Yes, they can be a pain. It's a sad statement about the prevalent lack of parental observation - I mean, where are their caregivers?
MageeBaby said…
Ok, so I'm NOT the only person with an ANNOYING neighbor kid. I'm thinking his parents don't love him or care about teaching him right and wrong and normal social behavior so we haven't gone to the parents yet to get him to stop coming over here. I'm thinking of filing a letter with the police? I just don't knwo what to do??? Any advice since it sounds like you have a similar issue(although this kid hasn't tried coming into our house he has "spied" at me and my little boy while playing in the backyard and other annoying things)

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