Diary of a Wimpy Kid *review*


The hysterically funny, best-selling book comes to life in this smash-hit family comedy! Greg Heffley is headed for big things, but first he has to survive the scariest, most humiliating experience of any kid’s life – middle school! That won’t be easy, considering he’s surrounded by hairy-freckled morons, wedgie-loving bullies and a moldy slice of cheese with nuclear cooties! 
MPAA Rating: PG (Parental Guidance)

Special Features

* *   Greg's Deleted Diary Pages
*   More gross, silly Fregley fun
*   The benefits of the Cheese Touch
*   Chirag’s trail of tears
*   Rowley's Lost Zoo-Wee Mama Cartoons

* *   Feature Commentary with Director Thor Freudenthal and Writer Gabe Sachs
* *   Theatrical Trailer
* *   Sneak Peek


My three kids all LOVE Diary of a Wimpy Kid. They have watched it at least 10 times since it arrived at our house last week.

I do wonder if they are really GETTING the message though... they find the main character hilarious and I hope they see that the point of the movie is him learning not to be such a jerk.

I hope they aren't just learning new ways to be jerks to people because of how funny they appear in the film. The main character gets humiliated really a lot... and although it teaches him a good lesson in the end it is a little painful to watch.

The older brother is horrendous and the parents seem rather ineffective in dealing with the bullying in their own home. That annoys me.

BUT the main message of the movie is great and the ending is perfect. There are a couple of wonderful characters that are worthy of emulation. And obviously learning to be yourself and learning what really matters and to be kind to others is certainly a message I want my kids to get.

I will say the movie is pretty accurate- at least it was a lot like my junior high years felt. I hated them and kind of dread having to send my children into that den of torture. My husband had a better time of it though so hopefully they follow in his footsteps rather than mine.

Overall Diary of a Wimpy Kid is very entertaining and I'm sure most kids would love it. I thought it was ok- very well done, great acting... I'm just not loving my kids running around yelling "cheese touch" constantly!

Thanks so much to 20th Century Fox for sending me a review copy of this DVD.


Amanda Daybyday said…
We got the book series for Will at Christmas. He devoured it. And then read the books over, and over, and over, and over again. I too found I had to help him see the more appropriate behaviours in things. The books are great because there are a whole bunch of doodles/drawings throughout. Might be a good way to get Aiden reading more? If you want - since he loves the movie. We walked past the DVD the other day at Walmart and of course Will was thinking that he really wanted it. Good thing his birthday is only a month away... I think I know one thing that will be wrapped up for him.

Also, was impressed with how close the movie was with the book.

Cheese touch!

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