Vacation: Travel Unplugged


We have done a whole lot of traveling so far on this vacation of ours... the kids have been relatively good in the car although we do have to stop far too often. It seems to take us forever to get to our destination! Driving through the mountains was amazingly beautiful. I really love the mountains.

Currently we are in Kelowna, British Columbia visiting my Aunt & Uncle and another of my cousins and her family. It is lovely. We found summer finally!! The sun is shining, the flowers are in bloom, the sky is rain-free... gorgeous. We went swimming this afternoon in a wonderful outdoor pool and it was glorious.

Tomorrow we are heading out to White Rock, BC to spend a couple of days basking in the glory that is the Pacific Ocean. Oh how I miss the ocean!! We will also be seeing some dear friends and I am excited for that too. Then we will return to my Aunt & Uncle's house for a week to just relax and visit with them.

Our internet access has been rather sporadic and it is causing me some serious withdrawal angst but I seem to be surviving and enjoying my vacation unplugged as it were.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer so far!
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Shash said…
WHITE ROCK!!!! So jealous! So very jealous!!

While you're there YOU MUST see my parents, sister and their restaurant!!

I'll email you their phone numbers :)

McJac's Roadhouse Grille
Roadhouse Bake Shoppe & Cheese Market

both in a Plaza on King George Blvd (used be a HWY) between 20th and 16th Ave.

Ask for Dwayne or Sharon Jacobson or Lise Alexander
Patricia Ward said…
What a great pic! I am so glad you enjoyed the mountains finally today! How did the kids like them? Olivia? Was she awed??? Yes, internet withdrawal I understand, but will try again tonite with Colin's assistance (hopefully)!

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