Vacation: Day 4- Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day to you all! We are currently in Tisdale, Saskatchewan and it happens to have the WORST welcome sign EVER. Seriously.

Can you read it?

It says " Welcome to Tisdale: LAND of RAPE and HONEY".

That's right. Rape.

Now technically it is referring to rapeseed as in Canola- the stuff for farming. Ya.

Anyway, we are really enjoying our time with my dear friends Becky & Cecile and their families. We are going to have a BBQ today to celebrate Canada's Birthday. My kids are having a great time playing with Becky's son Aaron and daughter Angelle. Aaron is 18 and there is some serious hero-worship going on. Angelle is 13 and Olivia adores her because she knows how to play dollies and tea party AND paint!

Tomorrow we head out once again on our trek to BC!


My Wee View said…
OH MY GOODNESS TARA! I can't believe that,, WOW,, I don't know if I should laugh or just shake my head.

Have a great Canada Day & vacation, I plan on taking a few days off myself.

Jolene said…
Ahh and yet you failed to mention to top it all off they also have a AAA hockey team called the "trojans" - Wish I could celebrate Canada day with you guys I miss Tisdale too
Patricia Ward said…
Well, the citizens of Tisdale really ought to get on changing that sign! Hope your trip today is wonderful.
Shash said…
You should really send that in to Ellen!!! Seriously!!
Merry said…
Who approved that sign? You would think someone would have raised their hand & said "Can't we just call it canola on the sign...just sounds better."


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