Living Life with New Goals *guest post*

This is a guest post written by Lorrie at 150 By 40. Thanks for guest posting Lorrie!

I'm on a weight-loss journey, but instead of doing like I did in the past, I am setting myself realistic goals that I can meet . I will be healthy and be a new person in my own time; not others time or because it's the IN thing. I will get myself on the right route and be happy with who I am. I will not let others discourage me or steer me away from my goals. 

Instead of the route in the past which was get it done in so many weeks and when that fails go back to my old dieting patterns. You know the ones I mean, go see what's in the cupboards or fridge, eat off your plan and forget the exercise. By setting a weekly goal it's is setting up for disspointment when we don't meet our expectations. I created my new goal which is to be at my high school weight of 150 by age 40. 

This gives me 8 more years to reach this, sure this may sound like a long time but it's gradual weight loss that stays off. My first goal is to get below 200. that would seem so good to me now that I am stuck in the 220's and the last time I saw below 200 was in college ( that was 6 years ago). I fiqured this is a good goal for the big 40 and when I reach that goal I will be celebrating. 

But celebrations aren't just for the big milestones, we can celebrate at the little ones too. Like when we do an extra workout in the day, meet our water goals or drop a few lbs. Just don't beat yourself up when you gain it back. I'm taking one day at a time and striving toward my goal.  Thanks for reading and I would love feedback and support, have a great week. 


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