Monday, June 07, 2010

Washing the Van?

Pin It I looked out my living room window and saw Olivia "washing" our van. She had found a red scrubber somewhere and was using puddle water to wash the van.

After awhile she decided puddle water just wasn't cutting it so she went to our backyard and got some of the water out of the little-kid pool we have. Then she requested a cloth from inside the house since the red scrubber was "dirty".

She was really cute about the whole thing :) .

And no, no one asked her to wash the van... she thought of it all on her own!


Amanda Daybyday said...

That's awfully sweet. Now to convince her that cleaning the bathroom is equally as fun!

Shash said...

I love the outfits she picks to wear!

Patricia Ward said...

And all that in her princess dress! She's getting so tall I can hardly believe it. She really loves to contribute to the family work! SO cute....

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