too tired

Last night Olivia didn't sleep well... I have no idea why. She woke up at least 10 times. Which meant that I had to wake up at least 10 times. And then she got up at the crack of dawn and I made Doug take her downstairs so I could get an hour of uninterupted sleep.

And when I got out of the shower and came downstairs this is what I found...


Why couldn't she have done that during the night?

Crazy kid. :)


crisc23 said…
Well it makes for some cute pictures, shes a doll =)
Linda said…
Maybe if Doug got up with her, she'd fall back asleep and all would rest through the night. ;-)
Petula said…
LOL... I hate those nights. If I catch them sleeping in the early morning after they keep waking me up I make them wake up. Now that the baby is three she's joining the ranks of "no sleeping if you're tired 'til nap time!" Yup, I'm a mean mommy.

I hope she gets some sleep tonight so you can get some sleep tonight.

Adorable photo. Daddy seems really amused. :-)
Amanda Daybyday said…
God, give us grace.

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