Play Clothes?

Anyone who has read my blog for any length of time will know that my daughter has a rather unique sense of fashion. I pretty much always let her choose what she wants to wear... as long as it is weather appropriate I barely ever say no to her choices.

I find it funny.

Today she had about 3 different outfits throughout the day and this afternoon she chose to wear a too-big green Christmas dress that grandma got for her.

I only managed to get one picture of her outside but I found it a little funny to see her all dressed up standing in our little pool.

She came inside and said "I am wet. Very wet. My dress is all wet." and then gave me a big sigh. Like it i the dress' fault that it got wet. Silly dress.

So of course I took her picture.

So she turned to explain the situation to daddy... probably hoping for someone to actually HELP her with her very wet dress.

Daddy helped :)


Patricia Ward said…
Aw! Yes, she insisted on putting on that green dress yesterday when we were having our "pyjama party" - unfortunately I didn't get pictures, but she went and got me your nightgown that matches hers, and then we put them on - matching princesses!!! But she has asked me many times if she can wear the green dress and I always say it's too big, but this time it was a must do! She is a darling!
Katherine said…
I love it, Olivia's fashion style makes me smile!! :) Such a sweet little girl!

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