Peaceful Morning Gaming

This is what my kids were doing at 8:30 am this morning... playing their Nintendo DS' under the tree in our front yard. They were so peaceful and quiet. I thought they looked so cute all lined up in a row, oldest to youngest. And look- No fighting! No whining! Just enjoying each others company. They were even talking and laughing together while playing.

Thanks Nintendo :)

Now if we could only quit losing those tiny little DS games!! Olivia lost her most favourite game "Zhu Zhu Pets" and I am really hoping we find it before leaving for vacation on Monday!

*Nintendo didn't ask me to post this. In fact I am certain they do not know I exist. But they really should. :) *


Heather said…
They are so cute! I am thinking we need to upgrade to atleast three ds's too. We have four kids and only two. What games are yours playing? Our two year old is also a big fan of Zhu Zhu Pets. It is a cute game for little ones!
Patricia Ward said…
Did you find Olivia's Zhu Zhu Pets? If not, maybe it will show up while you're gone - I'll look for it! Very cute pic of the kids gaming. Seems this is the latest way to hang out!!!

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