miracles in real life...

I have a cool/very scary story to tell you all...
Tonight my dear friend Shash was at her church praying and at 8:15 pm her time she prayed for me and my family. She lives hundreds of miles away from me in a different time zone even.

At the exact same time (7:15 pm our time) my 3 year old daughter almost got hit by a truck. But she didn't.

My sons have a rule that they are not to pass the driveway at the end of our street because there is a busy road that they are not allowed to cross without us. They have never disobeyed this rule- not once- until tonight.

We have about 8 or 9 kids that live on our block- all within a 4 year age span- and they were all in a pack in our yard playing (which they do daily) so Doug and I let Olivia go play with the little girls. Olivia is always really good about staying in our yard and the kids are usually really good about keeping the littler kids in the yard.

All of a sudden I hear my son Owen yelling "Olivia, get back here right now!". We rush to see what is going on and find ALL OF THE KIDS except my one son on the OTHER SIDE of the busy street. Olivia is standing by herself on the corner on the opposite side of the street to us, cars rushing past.

I almost pass out with fear and am running to her yelling STOP and STAY THERE and DON'T MOVE
and Olivia almost steps out into the street just as a truck is barreling past... she was seconds from being hit... but she looked up and caught my eye as I yelled STOP... seriously I was screaming at the top of my lungs. She stopped.

Doug raced across the street to get her and the other kids who were all just standing there watching it all happen.

I start falling apart... I usually fall apart immediately following any crisis. My son Aiden starts sobbing and saying he's sorry for crossing the street and I freak at him and send him to his room so I don't really lose it. We get all three kids inside and send the neighbour kids home.

Apparently they had been racing "go karts" (aka the little kids' tricycles, including Olivia's) down the street and since our road slopes down to the busy cross road they just kept going. Olivia followed because one of the kids had her bike and she wanted it back.

It is an absolute miracle none of them got hit on the way across the street the first time. The whole time I was watching (it was probably less than 2 minutes but it sure felt like a lot longer) not one car slowed down even though there were 8 or 9 kids right at the edge of the road.

Olivia was sent to her room for a talk about road safety and how she KNOWS she is not allowed out of our yard. My sons were given a very detailed lecture about how they will pretty much never be allowed out of the house ever again if they ever even think of crossing that street again without a parent RIGHT THERE.

Seriously I think my heart almost stopped... if my blood pressure wasn't up before it sure was after that.

After the kids were in bed I was sitting trying to work and the picture of her and that stupid truck just kept playing over and over and over... apparently I like to torture myself with "what if" scenarios. Why do I do that?

About an hour ago Shash and I connected on Skype and we figured out that she was praying for us at the EXACT same time the crisis was happening here.

Thank-you Shash for praying for us and thank-you God that my baby didn't get hit by a truck tonight.

Seriously though I may never let my kids outside again. Ever. I can't handle it. Way to freakin' stressful. 
The moral of the story? If God brings someone to your mind to pray for- DO IT. Right then. You may never know what a huge difference that prayer could make in that persons life.


crickl's nest said…
Oh Tara....I'm so thankful she is alright. I got so tense reading that! Praise God for His protection.
Amanda said…
I my goodness!!! I am crying right now! I am so happy that the kids are all alright. Seriously though, if I saw kids at the side of the road like that, it is just common sense to slow down! Anyways, it was a miracle and so cool that Shash was praying for you guys- not a coincidence :-)
Amanda Daybyday said…
Oh Tara! Scary, scary, scary. So glad she's okay. Hugs.
Joella said…
My heart was racing just reading this, I can't imagine how you must have felt while it was actually happening. I'm glad Olivia is ok :) xo
Super scary! I still relive a moment from 4 years ago when Ella was a baby. It still makes my heart pound and I am very thankful how God kept her safe!!
Shellie said…
Holy cow! You're story scared the crap out of me like I was there with you. Thank God she is ok.
Shellie said…
Holy cow! You're story scared the crap out of me like I was there with you. Thank God she is ok.
Patricia Ward said…
Ya know, I haven't cried for a long time, but this one did it!! Oh Tara, I am so sorry you had to go thru that, but hopefully all the kids learned a lesson, and I hope all the parents in the neighborhood pay attention to what the kids are up to after this scare. Thank you Shash for praying, and thank you God for protecting our sweet Olivia!
lfhpueblo said…
I agree pray for them right then.
Also if the Holy Spirit tells you to go to someones house right then, then do it. Don't argue with the Holy Spirit over this one either. If I hadn't argued with the Holy Spirit over this one, I would have been at my mom's home when she had a major stroke and not got a phone call about an hour later that she had driven to my sister's home while having a stroke. She would have gotten quicker and better hospital care if I had gone to her home because I know the signs of a stroke very well. My older sister wasn't sure what was going on and called my younger sister who told her she needed to call an ambulance.
So the Holy Spirit had me go to a church friends home the other day.
I didn't want to go. Yet, having my other experience in the past, knew I should. I didn't even take time to clean up. Good thing to,
my friend was thinking about suicide. She needed help and someone to listen to her. She went to the doctor and they are going to try and help her.
You just need to listen and do whatever it is your prompted to do,
even if you don't really feel like it. It could save a life, and has saved many I'm sure.
Linda said…
A definite Praise the Lord! You have become extended family through your site. Listening to the Holy Spirit to pray is essential. Thanks to your friend for being obedient.
Shash said…
The prayer meeting was over and people where chatting when I suddenly wanted to pray for you guys. I'm glad I listened!! SEE - when God puts people on your heart... IT'S FOR A REASON!

I am thankful that she is alright and that you are alright!

<3 U guys!!!!

Shasher's Life
Sweet Mummy said…
wowowow! Amazing. We had a similar situation with my tiny daughter just after our youngest son was born - busy street, urging to pray, then finding her on the edge of the street....... I know how it feels to have your heart stop like that.

YAY Shash for praying, YAY Tara for sharing/testifying. And YAY GOD!
Sarah B. said…
Praise the Lord! That is so scary! I'm so thankful that Shash's prayers were answered (even when she didn't know what she was praying for!).

Glad to hear that everyone was ok. That made my own mother's heart so nervous when I was reading your post!
Trinity Rose said…
I know how you feel. We have 7 children and we've had many heart stopping moments. God surely protects our children. God is good. I've been meaning to tell you that your daughter is beautiful. She looks so much like our daughter when she was young. Our daughter is now 17, we have six sons and only one daughter.
Blessings and keep praying,
Trinity Rose

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