LunchSkins *review*

A little less than two weeks ago I received a cool product called "LunchSkins".

I used the lizard design LunchSkin sandwich bag for 8 school days- 4 days with each son. My sons (ages 8 & 6) are VERY different and I wanted to see what each of them thought of it.

Both of my sons loved the look of the bag- lizards are cool! Neither of my sons had any problem remembering to bring the bag home each day either.

My younger son loved it- he is very environmentally aware and his class has spent a lot of time discussing how they can be good to our earth so he loved that the bag was reusable. And that it had lizards- he mentioned that about a dozen times :). He never said anything bad about it and would be perfectly content to use it everyday. He requested more so that he could put his snacks in them too.

My older son had high-functioning Autism and is significantly more picky. He loved the look of it and thought it was really cool but he said that his sandwiches got hard and crusty and he didn't like that. He requested to not use the bag anymore for that reason.

I will say that there is a huge difference in bread "softness" by the end of the day - if my sons leave half their sandwich uneaten it is inedible by the time they get home from school. That is not the case in regular old plastic baggies.

But that is really the only downside.

I love that they are dishwasher washable. That is brilliant. I love that they are environmentally friendly. The designs are fun and bright and colourful- perfect for kids.

We did not put fruit or soft snacks in ours because of the "squish" factor- if I send soft snacks to school they are always in hard containers otherwise it is just a squashed mess. My boys are simply not that careful with their lunchkits!

LunchSkins are a great way to make sending lunches to school more eco-friendly. 

This post was written as part of a program for Family Review Network and LunchSkins, who provided the product for this review"


mmichele said…
Those are really cute! But yeah, hard sandwiches... not my favourite!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for listing the link to retailers!

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