Kung Zhu Pets *review*

Thanks to MomSelect I was given the opportunity to review the latest and greatest toys from the world of Zhu Zhu Pets- Kung Zhu! We were sent a ginormous box of Kung Zhu toys to try out ...

I can't even begin to describe how excited my kids were!

We were sent everything necessary for a true Kung Zhu battle! We found the sets very easy to put together and set up. The boys were immediately thrilled with the whole battle-idea. They were very impressed that the Kung Zhu pets changed personalities and went from cute to battle-ready.

Olivia (age 3) even got into it. All three kids chose a Kung Zhu hamster for their very own and even in the week since it arrived have continued to be attached to THEIR pet.

I thought the hamster armour was an especially cool touch. Owen was especially fond of the tank. Aiden was more than slightly impressed with the training tracks.

The only down side is that it pretty much took over my whole living room for a few days until I made them set it all up in the basement! But it has provided hours of entertainment for all three of my kids and their friends who visit.

We did have a problem with the batteries that were included with the pets- we had to replace them pretty much immediately. Other than that though we've had no trouble. We've only had it for a couple weeks but nothing has been broken yet... and that is impressive.

Both of my sons have asked for a Kung Zhu game for their Nintendo DS and that is a sign they like them!

There is a ton of different toys that you can get to fill up your living space with Kung Zhu mania.

I suspect most kids- especially boys- would have fun with Kung Zhu pets!

Thanks so much to Kung Zhu Pets sending me these great products to review and thanks to MomSelect for giving me the opportunity to participate.


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