Backyard Safari Outfitters *review*

All three of my kids were very excited about a box we got in the mail last week- it contained 3 especially cool products from Backyard Safari Outfitters.

1. the Bug Wrangler's Bug Vacuum
2. Essential Field Gear 5 X 30 Power Field Binocs
3. the Essential Field Gear Cargo Vest

As soon as I got the stuff out of the box my kids were immediately fighting over who would get to try it all out first! Since Owen (age 6) is our resident explorer I let him have the first go. He was so very excited...

Children can now get up-close and personal with nature right in their own backyard or nearby park. Backyard Safari Outfitters equips young explorers with all the essential field gear they could possibly need for scoping out local “wildlife,” from insects in the grass to birds in the sky to frogs in a pond -- and more!  Kids can choose from a broad array of fun gear and tools, including the practical and very snappy looking Cargo Vest, as well as the cool Bug Vacuum, Mega View Periscope – among dozens of other choices.

Owen immediately put on the vest and the binoculars, put the Bug Vacuum together, opened the pop-up field guide and set out to catch some bugs!

Here he is telling me which bugs he is going to catch first...

Unfortunately it was pouring rain that day but the did manage to catch a house fly and some crumbs off of the carpet :)

On Sunday the sun came out and Owen finally got to have his very own backyard safari!

We spent several hours at the park and Owen spent almost the entire time playing with the new gear. He had fun searching for things using the binoculars and he also thought it was pretty funny that he could see us all "huge". :)

Of course his siblings wanted to be part of the action too...

Owen managed to catch various disgusting delightful bugs and he had a great time studying them. The cargo vest is very cool- it has pockets for both the field guide and the binocs and a bunch of extra pockets too... the one down side is that there was nowhere to hang the bug vacuum. Both of my boys (and my husband) thought there should be some way of attaching the bug vaccum to the vest - like a holster or something.

 The bug vacuum is really cool- it is strong enough to suck up some nasty little insects into a little see through container that you can close off so the bugs can't escape. I will say that the batteries it came with were weak at best and had to be changed within minutes... but once we got some decent batteries in there we were good to go.

Aiden (age 8) has been especially impressed with the bug vacuum. He wrangled it away from Owen at one point and spent a good half hour studying a beetle... keep in mind Aiden has high-functioning Autism and ADHD so spending a half hour at one thing is pretty darn impressive!

I must admit I hate bugs... I pretty much freak out when most of them come anywhere near me... but I totally took one for the team and studied those bugs right along with the kids. 

Overall we have been really pleased with the Backyard Safari gear. Olivia loves the vest even though it is too big for her and she adores the binoculars. Actually all three kids love the binoculars. Owen truly felt like an explorer and I had a great time watching him!

If you have little explorers in your life than be sure to check out Backyard Safari Outfitters for some great summer fun!

Thanks so much to Team Mom and Backyard Safari Outfitters for giving me the opportunity to do this review.


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