Saturday, June 05, 2010

Lego Genius

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Aiden made this amazing Lego creation and he asked me to take pictures of it and put it up on my blog :). I took the exact pictures he wanted since he is clearly the creative director of the whole project...
except I might have snuck in a couple pictures with him actually IN the picture... despite his insistence that he NOT be visible. I choose to think of it as a mother's right!

Aiden wants to be a Lego designer or computer guy when he grows up... preferably the two mixed together. I think he has the makings of a fabulous Lego Computer Genius executive. :)

*please note that Lego did not pay me in any way or ask me to post this... I am certain they do not even know that I exist... although they SHOULD since my son is totally going to take over their company someday. They should really be paying me. After all we have paid at LEAST one Lego Computer Genius Guy's salary over the past 8 years with all the Lego we- and friends and family of ours- have purchased for Aiden. Where's my check Lego?*


kailani said...

That is awesome! I'm always so amazed at the things you can make out of Legos.

Amanda Daybyday said...

I love all the Star Wars guys. I'm very impressed and love that he wanted to show it off

db said...

Tara-I thought we bought all the legos when our son was growing up. He would spend HOURS on these projects. He loved it. he is 25 now and still enjoys putting them together when he can. Thanks for the memories of Boy Joy. Go AIDEN. Love, Donna

Petula said...

That is so very extra cool! I remember when my oldest daughter was a pup she would build some impressive Lego buildings.

Yes, you should get paid. :D

silverneon2000 said...

My 5 year old son was just walking by the computer while looking at what your son made and he said cool.
Both of my boys always and still do enjoy Lego. So many things to make and always seem to be buying more of it. Even us parents have fun playing with Lego also. I think were never to old play with Lego.

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