Friday, June 18, 2010

Advice needed...

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I have a question for all of you family-camping-experts out there... what is the very least amount of stuff we need to go camping for 5 days with our three kids? Obviously we need a tent and stuff to sleep in/on, a way to cook food... what else?

We are trying to plan our vacation and normally space is not an issue because we have a big van. But this time we are borrowing a car to take so we can save money on gas. All of a sudden space is at a premium. And since I pretty much suck at packing light I thought I'd ask the dear internets for some advice.

We HOPE to be able to head West to beautiful BC (Canada) for a couple weeks... which means we would be driving about 6000 km's roundtrip. I was born in BC and it distresses me that most of the family/friends I grew up with haven't even met Olivia yet. She is 3.5 years old!! And Olivia has never seen the mountains. Or the ocean. And Owen doesn't remember it and Aiden sort of vaguely remembers it. That is just a tragedy.

The ocean and the mountains feed my very soul. I'm not exaggerating... it sounds cheesy but it just so very true.

Anyway, as I'm sure you all understand, money is tight. So we are travelling on a budget.

So what are your best travel-on-a-budget tips? We are staying with friends/family along the way so there will be no hotel costs.

And did I mention I REALLY suck at packing light? I do. I really really do.

Train me up in the way I should go people!


Shash said...

SOOOOO totally SKYPE me!! Hubby is the KING of camping and even with children. I just show up :)

Kendra said...

I'm no expert at packing light, but we have done a ton of camping. One thing that helps me is to plan our meals--all of them. I try and plan like things (cold cereal/milk for most breakfasts with one or two days of scrambled eggs), lunch meat sandwiches for lunch, etc so that I only pack what food items I've planned for, and it seems like the more "like" meals I plan, the less I have to pack. That wasy you know what food you need and what cooking utensils, there's no point in packing a frying pan if you aren't going to use it. Instead of packing tons of water bottles, pack one for each family member (one of the reuseable ones, labled with their name) and than pack one big ol' jug of water. You could also skip packign pillows, just use pillow cases and fill them with clothes each night. Just a couple thoughts, hope they help!

Anonymous said...

for us, we don't do our grocery shopping till we get there. that way we aren't lugging a ton of food around. obviously i take some things that i don't want to have 2 of when i get home, like the ketchup and such. also, pack light on the toys. i find that evan (6 1/2) tends to play with dinky cars a lot and sarah will usually bring a few barbies and playmobile. they tend to play with things that they find around the campsite. on one trip, they spent almost the entire time playing with the wood pile and pine cones.

Amanda Daybyday said...

The mountains and ocean feed my soul too...

Whatever you don't have room for... we can share ours since we'll have lots of room, but I suppose that doesn't help you for all your days of camping. :)

Amanda Daybyday said...
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Rachel Esther said...

No advice since I don't have kids except to say, have something for them to do in the car. We used to travel heaps as kids and mum would pull out new things for us to do every few hours - was so exciting to see what she had coming next.

Oh - and can I please come? The scenery is AMAZING!

Amanda said...

-roll up all your clothes- pack em tight- leave no space unused :-)
-pillows, sleeping bags can be kept in the car with the kids- stuff them in the floor space under their feet and they can use them for pillows
-I went to camping college (aka fun college).... it is not as easy to pack light with children but make sure everything is necessary (ex blow dryers and make up etc. are not necessities)

crickl's nest said...

Tara, I just emailed you our camping supply list. I keep it on the computer and add to it all the time.

Have a fun trip!!! If you can borrow a screen house from someone, those are so nice if it rains or if there are lots of bugs! Bring lots of games. The thing I called binka bonka on my list is actually a badmitten game without net and using larger rackets....very fun. (walmart has those)

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