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My dear friend (and fellow Pastor's Wife) Shasher is hosting a Wedding Dress Blog Tour and she very sweetly asked me to join in and I thought it sounded like fun. :)

Doug and I got married on July 31, 1999... almost 11 years ago! We got married in beautiful White Rock, BC, honeymooned on Salt Spring Island, BC and then lived in Regina, Saskatchewan so I could finish up my degree... and have moved many times since.

I really liked my wedding dress... but I must admit I did not passionately LOVE it. I got it for a fabulous price and that was the main reason I bought it. Don't get me wrong- I was very happy with it. But in my mind I had always imagined a more flowey-hippieish type dress for my wedding... you know, flowers in the hair, barefoot on the beach type thing. However all the dresses I found like that were hundreds of dollars more than I could afford. But I figured as long as I was married at the end of the day I was good to go. The details weren't really all that important to me!

I wore my dress all day... all the way to our honeymoon destination. I figured since I only got to wear it once I might as well make the best of it! I wore it on the ferry from Vancouver to Vancouver Island and we got invited up to the bridge to drive the boat with the captain because of it! Little kids kept walking past me pointing and saying "LOOK! There's a BRIDE!". It was darn cute.

There are two questions to answer for the wedding dress tour...

1. Why did I keep it?

I think it just never occurred to me NOT to keep it. I have kept it elegantly displayed folded up and shoved in a moving box for the past decade. It has stains on it because I never bothered to get it dry cleaned... we just didn't have the $100 to do that during our first year of marriage and then I forgot all about it! I did take it out and wear it once more for a "wedding dress party" that some friends of mine had... about 2 years after I got married and before I had kids. It fit perfectly still and it was great fun to hang out with my friends all wearing their dresses too.

I took it out of the box today and here it is in all of its wrinkled glory...

2. Why didn't I sell it?

Honestly it never occurred to me. I can't imagine anyone wanting to purchase it now since it isn't exactly the height of current fashion. I think I probably would have been more likely to give it away to someone who needed it. I didn't want to give it to some thrift store or something though. I think I will keep it and let my daughter play dress up with it if she ever wants to.

When I took it out this morning she was very impressed with my "princess dress" and "princess hat" (aka veil) and asked me to put it on... I told her it didn't fit anymore but she didn't care. So here we are in our princess dresses... and no... mine is not done up on the back. Not even close. But I am impressed I could even get it on at all!!

So there you have it folks... the story of my wedding dress. What about you? Did you keep your dress?


Shash said…
OH!! I so now want to go and get mine on!!! I think it's still VERY fashionable!! I also think it's cool that you got married at the church up the street from my parents house -- I had moved to Ontario by then -- but it would have been cool to have known you then!

Thanks so much for participating in the Wedding Dress Blog Tour. I'm having way way too much fun with this!!

My blog post about my dress!
Sweet Mummy said…
aw...... so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

Seems like BC weddings are either GORGEOUS or totally rained out! Looks like you had a stunning day for yours.

I should have worn my dress longer. Was MUCH to practical about many things at our wedding.... but, it was still a beautiful day.
Shash said…
I'll have to show you a picture I have of my kids, taken on the other side of that pond!! small world... luv it!
Kelly said…
you are just as beautiful as ever Tara! i remember looking at my mom's wedding dress, grad dress, calypso pants etc when i was a teenager and i loved it, and your kids will too!
Tanya said…
You are the BEST mom in the world for putting your dress on awesome is that picture! BTW...your dress doesn't look out of style at looked beautiful, I wouldn't even guess that was 99! So there you go! Love it :) Here's mine...
Amanda Daybyday said…
Oh my goodness! You make me want to crawl under the stairs and get mine out. I, like you, didn't get it cleaned and I'm sure it looks awful! And there's a big rip in the veil.

Also, Salt Spring Island may very well be one of my favorite places in the whole world.
Cheri said…
Stopping by via's Shash's wedding dress blog tour.
I got married the week after you did...and I too have not cleaned my dress yet.
Rachel Esther said…
So lovely Tara! The dress and you! I'm to scared to try mine on. I know it wont fit so it's staying in it's box.
pam said…
I too was married in 1999, six weeks after being engaged. I abosolutely adored my dress, very plain and simple and cost effective (hee hee)
I recently had my dress redone. A seamstress removed the bottom (i couldn't fit in it any longer and it couldn't be enlarged) and added a burgundy pink skirt, to just about the knee. It is FABULOUS amd I get so excited wearing it!
Debbie said…
The shirt part of the dress was plain with chiffon overlay. Here's what I did with mine.
I cut out the sheets of fabric and washed them carefully and lay the panels down to dry flat.
Next I made up a pattern for my daughter's christening gown and yes, it was a labour of love.
She was growing rapidly so the fastening at the back was like a corset style, with silk ribbon criss-crossing so I could adjust to size.
The shirt part was very long (very old fashioned using a chiffon overlay just like the original)
Some of the lace I carefully removed from the dress and sewn it into the hem of her gown. I even managed to make a little bonnet.
The only thing I bought were a couple of pink rosettes to incorporate into her gown.
I thought it was an heirloom forever.
I can brag about it once being my wedding gown, and then her christening gown after that.
It's presently stored awaiting (someday) the next occasion it may be used.
Momma Maven said…
That is so cute! I love that you put it on, makes me want to go and get mine too. And I LOVE the idea of a wedding dress party, I'm going to have to round up my friends for that one, how fun!
Merry said…
I love the picture of you and your daughter in your "princess" dresses. Plus...I'm with Shash....your dress is still very fashionable! I love this blog tour & seeing everyone's dresses!
Jinny said…
Hm...why does that dress look so familiar... ;) It was a pretty dress, wasn't it. We picked nice dresses. I would love to try mine on, but it's still at Colin's parents house. Maybe I should reclaim it next time we maybe move out west or
Cheers pretty lady!
Nugglemama said…
How awesome to put it on. I admit I haven't even thought to do that. I have gained way too much weight after 5 babies. That is a great style of dress that never looks dated I think. :)
Patricia Ward said…
Oh you two are so cute! Wow, Tara, your dress still looks great on you! You are both lovely princesses.
George_micheal163 said…
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