Happy Birthday Douglas!

Today my love turned 36 years old.

We had a pretty mellow day and "partied it up" with the kids for fun.

When I went to help the boys get ready for school first thing this morning I reminded them that they could give daddy his birthday presents once they were dressed.  Aiden jumped up and said

" OH YA! It's dad's birthday! I've got to go wake him up because he wouldn't want to stay in bed on his birthday!!"

 The thing you need to know about my husband is that he is a hard-core night-owl. There is not even a smidgeon of "morning person" in him. He essentially hates morning with every fiber of his being.

I am fairly certain that being allowed to sleep until noon would have been the very best birthday gift ever.

But instead he got woken up by three adoring children... and he did a valiant job of looking awake :)

I took the kids shopping and let them choose their own gifts for daddy... but I wouldn't let them buy him toys because that is what they bought him last year :).  Of course they took the gifts out of the gift bag before Doug even got a chance to open them... they were far too excited to wait for him to get a move on!

Owen chose a Mario Bros. t-shirt and a Batman singing card.

Aiden chose a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 t-shirt... which is apparently a video game... and one Doug doesn't play. But Aiden loved that it was army themed. He also chose a bizarre singing card.

Olivia chose a swimsuit with flowers on it and- of course- a girlie card with a pink envelope.

The kids decided on an ice-cream cake and Olivia decided on the pink candles.

And then Olivia needed to repeatedly blow out the candles on her piece of cake.

And all of that? Is one of the many reasons why I think my husband is wonderful... he is such a good sport and actually loves what the kids get him just because they picked it out themselves and he is content to eat ice cream cake with the kids and watch a dvd with me instead of having a party...
even though he is a total extrovert and probably would have loved a big birthday bash.

I love you Doug... happy birthday!


Amanda Daybyday said…
Pass on a happy birthday for me to your hubby. (I didn't wish him one on facebook.) Glad it was a good day.

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