And the fence came down...

I can't tell you what a relief it is to be back online!!

I am a total addict.

And I think I'm ok with that.

Anyway, yesterday we had a huge storm here and it managed to knock down the fence in our back yard. We live in a duplex so today my husband and the guy who lives next door took the fence apart so the kids wouldn't get hurt on it. We are renting so thankfully it is not up to us to fix it... because we totally couldn't afford to anyway.

One funny thing about us and our neighbours... my husband is a pastor... and so is the guy next door. It is especially funny considering how very small our town is... what are the odds that two of the pastors in town would both be living in the same duplex? But hey, it is great for us because our kids always have someone to play with- they have 4 kiddos (and one on the way) who are around our kids' ages. And the mom over there? Is supermom. Seriously. She is about to have FIVE children and she homeschools and hangs all her laundry to dry on the line and is a pastor's wife and she full on baked cookies today and brought us a plate of them.


Not so much did I bake cookies today.

Anyway... here are the men dismantling the fence...

And yes... our three kids, their 4 kids and several neighbour kids were all playing in the yards during the whole thing.  Good times. :)


Amanda Daybyday said…
That is interesting that you have a pastor family right beside you. They sound like good neighbours. I'm glad. And 5 kids and home schooling??? Wow. I couldn't do it.

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