Monday, April 05, 2010

Owen lost his very first tooth!

Pin It Ever since Olivia had to get her two front teeth pulled Owen has been most upset about being the LAST person to lose a tooth. He has come home from school talking about how EVERYONE has lost a tooth but him and no matter how often we assured him he would, in fact, lose a tooth soon he remained unconvinced. He has whined and cried and sobbed and generally bemoaned his no-lost-teeth state of being for months.

But then tonight a veritable miracle happened (albeit a miracle in Owen's eyes only). His tooth FINALLY fell out... with a little help from daddy since it has been lose and hanging on by a thread (so to speak) for days now.

Owen insisted I take a picture right away so he could see what his mouth looked like without that tooth so here is Owen in all his "I lost my first tooth" glory...

The tooth is safely put away in a container- NOT to put under his pillow for the tooth fairy- to take to school tomorrow to show off to all his friends. Losing a tooth is a big deal around here :)


Shash said...

yeah!!! way to go Owen!!

Amanda Daybyday said...

Oh my goodness! Look at that smile. That's one proud and happy boy!

the Doug said...

He was about to get all mad at me for causing some pain... then he saw the tooth and the pain melted away to a happy kid.

AussieMaz said...

Yay for Owen!

Well done Doug, i don't deal with almost falling out teeth, my dh does that.

jceko77 said...

Congrats Owen!!! Hope the tooth fairy was generous=)

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