Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Pin It Well 2009 has been quite the year for us.

We left our old church so Doug could pastor in our current church.

We sold our house.

We said goodbye to some very dear friends and moved 13 hours away.

We moved into our first rental house in town.

We made friends.

The boys changed schools and made new friends.

We moved into our second rental house in town.

Olivia turned from a toddler into a preschooler.

God provided for our needs in more ways than I can possibly mention... everything from complete strangers giving us money that we used to pay our bills to friends fixing our van for free.

We are blessed.

It has been a crazy year... I am kind of hoping for a slightly more boring 2010 :)

Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Pin It Apparently my 3 year old daughter Olivia phoned my mother-in-law yesterday. Twice. Without any aid from the rest of us! We think she must have just hit redial a couple times :) Grandma told us about her phone calls from Miss.Olivia later that day.

Crazy kid! She got a pink princess phone for Christmas and has been calling Cinderella regularly for the past couple days but I had no idea she would attempt to use the real phone. Good thing she called Grandma and not some random person in China. :)

It's just a hunch but I'm thinking she is going to be on the phone a fair amount when she is a little older.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Weekly Winners- Christmas vacation

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I already posted my favourite pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but here are a few of my other favs from this week.

You can find more Weekly Winners at .

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day Bliss

Pin It Today has (mostly) been a lovely relaxing day. I love boxing day! None of the stores around here are open today so there is no pressure to go shopping for deals or anything. The 5 of us have just spent the day at home watching it snow and enjoying each others company... for the most part anyway ;)

My house is a complete disaster area because I refused to clean... time enough for that tomorrow.

I played the Harry Potter game on Aiden's DS and discovered I actually LIKED it! Go figure. I usually hate all video games. The internet was down at our house and since I am refusing to clean or do anything remotely productive I played DS.

If anyone feels like giving me one of their old used DS' I'd be happy to take it... then all would have to do is borrow Aiden's game now and then... and a pair of headphones... and a quiet room all to myself.

Never mind. If I had a quiet room all to myself and time to play video games I'd just fall asleep anyway :)

Olivia has been unbelievably good today. I mean really. She has just been exploring all her new things and playing with her brothers and watching Dora. The boys have been incredibly good today too. They have had the occasional scuffle but nothing compared to the last week!

Yesterday was filled to the brim with abundance and today we are just basking in it :)

Oh how I love mellow days like this!!!

How was your Christmas???

Christmas Day

Pin It Here are a few of my favourite pictures from Christmas Day and there is a link at the bottom to even more pictures if you are so inclined :)

Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve

Pin It Every year my mother-in-law makes all 5 of us new jammies and we open them on Christmas Eve. The tradition started when her kids were all small so everyone would look acceptable in Christmas morning pictures. Or so I'm told anyway :).

Olivia's jammies have adorable little ballerinas on them and she loves them! She looks so cute in them. Olivia and my mom had a little picnic on the floor when we got home from church on Christmas Eve.

Owen and Aiden are basically the same size right now so they are going to share lizard jammies and dinosaur jammies and my mother-in-law even made them cool matching lizard/dinosaur pillow cases.

 Aiden had a bit of a rough night so he was a little sad... even with the cool jammies on.

He did perk up some when it came to leaving the milk and cookies out for Santa. They wrote him a note and even left him a present of a snowman stuffed toy. And of course he had both white milk AND chocolate milk to drink.

I got to snuggle with my boys in my pretty new rose jammies too.  Aiden was especially cuddly.

My husband took most of the pictures since he is the resident photo-expert in our house so all of these pictures are his. The kids all stayed up waaayyy too late Christmas Eve and I stayed up even later to get the wrapping done. I foolishly sat on the floor wrapping for hours and now, two days later, my back is still just killing me! But it was worth it :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Pin It I will post some more later but I just wanted to share one birthday gift that I got today that made me laugh...

This is from my dear friend Becky...

It's almost like she knows me or something!

Thanks Becky- I love you too :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Xmas tree this way...

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We have a fake fireplace in the basement... my sons wanted to make sure that Santa could find his way upstairs to the tree in our living room. So they made him some signs...

The signs are every few feet all the way from the basement, up the stairs, through the kitchen and dining room and into the living room.

I don't think Santa will get lost :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Making Cookies with Olivia

Pin It This weekend I made cookies with Olivia and we had so much fun! Doug took a bunch of pictures for me...

ALL of these fabulous pictures were taken by my sweet husband!
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