Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Pin It It snowed here so we had to figure out costumes that could fit over snowsuits. The boys had superhero costumes but they have now been relegated to indoor play since they are not snow-suit friendly! Luckily we had these super cool Storm Trooper costumes made of rather stretchy fabric...

The boys were annoyed that they didn't have the proper weaponry to go with them but such is life. Olivia couldn't wear her princess costume at all and ended up wearing a tinkerbell nightgown over top of her snowsuit. Hence the ultra happy smiles in the above picture ;)

Since the boys are sick we didn't really do much trick or treating. We went to Grandma's house and then to a friend's house and a few other houses but were done in about 45 minutes.
Just enough time to fill their candy bags and then the boys were asking to go home. Olivia didn't even make it that long... she ended up in the van with Grandma!
Even with the snow it wasn't that cold out. And thanks to the meds the boys are on they were able to mostly enjoy the evening.
The definitely were not their energetic selves though. Aiden even fell asleep in the van on 5 minute drive home. Poor kid.
Our town actually has a very cool system. Trick-or-Treating is only allowed between the hours of 6 and 8 pm. That's it. And during that time the police are all over patrolling and even the ambulances drive around town. It keeps everything very family friendly and safe. I LOVE the time limit. Perfect.
All in all it was a relatively good evening... considering the week we have had!

Friday, October 30, 2009

oh what a day

Pin It Well today was quite the day if I do say so myself.

Aiden had a rough night last night with his asthma so I took him in to the ER this morning to get some stronger asthma meds. The waiting room was full of fellow H1N1 victims and we were all handed masks to wear at the entrance to the hospital. It was interesting to me that I could still tell what mood people were in just by looking at their eyes... you can tell when people smiling without having to see the actual smile.

Ya. I had a lot of time to think. Almost 4 hours.

Poor Aiden fell asleep for about an hour and a half of it and we spent a good 45 mins of it in the actual treatment room... but it was still a long time to wait. I took comfort in knowing that we certainly weren't the only ones waiting. There were about 8 other people that were there when we got there and got called in mere minutes before we did.

Anyway, we got the meds finally and happily went on our way.

Hopefully tonight will go much better for all of us!

The kids have actually done pretty well being stuck at home. This afternoon all three of them coloured together briefly...
Owen loves to colour and is so very cute about it. He has had a remarkably good attitude about the whole thing... except when he is fighting with his brother of course.

Seriously, who's idea was it to make one player only Wii games??? It drives me crazy. Constant fighting over who is getting the longer turn etc. etc. etc.. Seriously game-makers... how hard could it possibly be to make the game 2 players???

Anyway, Owen drew this lovely picture... which is apparently of me dressing up as a witch for Halloween...I've never actually dressed up as a witch for Halloween and this year I was planning on dressing up as an exhausted mommy... I already have the bags under my eyes to match after all.

Olivia was slightly less happy today. She got a fever mid-afternoon and woke up extremely cranky from a too-short nap.

I tried to give her some tylenol for her fever and this is what she said...

Can you hear it?

nnnnnoooooooooooooo I don't want it nooooooooooooo

She was most irritated with me. And the rest of the world for existing.

Aiden did a remarkable job of ignoring her. And Doug looked a little TOO happy to be getting to leave the house to pick up Aiden's prescriptions...

But I figure he deserved to escape since he cleaned our house while I was wasting away in the ER this morning!

And now it is 9:30 pm and all three kids are asleep. Bliss I tell you.

And to top it all off? I got a really lovely email from my dear friend Amanda that just brightened up my day completely!

But wow do I ever need to sleep... so off I go. I'm hoping for 4 hours in a row. :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

hello from the land of H1N1

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Well we are nearing the end of day 2 of our quarantine... and it hasn't been too bad yet. I mean, yes, it sucks. But it is nothing compared to things we have experienced in the past with the boys asthma. I have the boys taking massive amounts of asthma meds to keep that under control. Olivia and I seem to be getting worse but Doug apparently is feeling pretty good. We are hoping he manages to avoid the worst of H1N1.

The boys have had bouts of cabin fever but for the most part haven't minded being stuck at home just watching TV. Which, in and of itself, proves just how sick they are. Although I'm not sure how they will be doing by day 5 of the quarantine... never mind day 7. (recommended length)

In other news I got a call today from the financial assistance group that might be able to help us pay for Olivia's dental bills. The thing is they only work with one dentist in our area.... and it is NOT the dentist we have already seen. SO they would like us to meet with this other dentist on Monday. 4.5 hours away. Which means we have to drive 9 hours roundtrip on Monday in hopes that this new dentist will like us enough to take us on as her charity case :) I asked them if we should stay home because of the whole flu thing and they said no... the dentist only does clinics for folks like us (aka broke people) 4 times per year and so if we don't do it on Monday then we pretty much don't do it all.

The trip will be worth it though if they can help us pay the $2200 bill!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Listerine and Reach Oral Care Challenge

Pin It I was recently invited to participate in the Listerine Oral Care Challenge and since we have had our fair share of unpleasant visits to the Dentist lately I thought it would be a VERY good idea!

We were sent a box of supplies for the challenge and a handy dandy chart to keep track of our progress.
Since Aiden has had 3 cavities (THREE!!) in the past 6 months I figured he would be my main helper for this challenge, but we all participated as a family.

Step one is using Listerine Agent Cool Blue.

Both of my boys love Agent Cool Blue. They especially love spitting it all over my sink. I have had trouble in the past getting my boys to use anything remotely minty so the Bubble Blast flavour was definitely a hit.

I think one of my favourite features of Cool Blue is the way you can measure the dose right in the bottle. You simply squeeze the bottle a little bit and it basically measures the right amount for you! Easy. Love it.

Aiden loves the way it turns his tongue blue :)

Step two was to actually brush the teeth. My boys are getting pretty good at brushing their own teeth but I still need to supervise. We all love the Reach Wonder Grip toothbrushes- the boys loved the colours and Olivia loved the "squiggly neck".

Step three is flossing the teeth.

All 3 of Aiden's cavities were flossing cavities according to our dentist.

I admit it.

We suck at flossing the kids teeth.

It has always been such a huge struggle to do it that I basically gave up. But I decided to give it another go for the Oral Challenge.

We were sent these great Reach Access Flosser's that made the job much easier. Aiden was able to floss his own teeth and Owen was able to with just a little help.

Aiden thought it was cool that it would stay in his mouth hands-free...

The final step is to use Listerine Smart Rinse.

The hardest part of this step was getting the boys to rinse for a full minute like the directions say. We are thinking of getting some sort of timer for the bathroom to help with this step. Aiden and Owen both liked the Berry Shield flavour of Smart Rinse.
I must admit that we were not able to see much "proof" in the sink. That might be because my boys aren't very good at properly rinsing.

I was also sent some Listerine Total Care for us grown-ups to use. I really like it but I must admit I wish it had that super cool measure feature like the Cool Blue!

Overall I think these are great products and obviously using them regularly can only help with our family's dental health... which we clearly need! If you are looking for some creative, fun ways to help your kids brush than I would encourage you to give these products a try.

"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Listerine and Reach and received Listerine and Reach products for the Oral Care Challenge and a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate."

Conversations I've had this morning

Pin It As I mentioned in my last post my kids are sick. I called the Doctor yesterday morning just to make sure I didn't need to take them in or anything because all the propaganda says to call. The nurse (for our family Doctor) asked me a ton of questions and then the conversation finished.

So the nurse calls me this morning and asks me how the boys are doing. This, in and of itself, is unusual. I update her and then I have this conversation:

Nurse: I talked to the doctor and we think you should take them in to the ER so we called ahead and let them know you are coming.

Me: why do I need to take them in?

Nurse: because they have asthma we really feel they should be checked out

Me: ok (long internal sigh and feeling of resignation) and off we went.

Eventually (after about an hour wait... which is not a bad wait at all for our ER) we saw the Doctor and he asked me the regular questions and about their asthma and meds etc. SO as I always do with doctors I pull out my handy dandy list of medications that the boys are on and started rattling them off.

The doctor stops and looks at me and we have this conversation:

Doctor: You've done this before haven't you.

Me: yes. yes I have. The nurse seemed more worried about them than I am. They are breathing well right now and that is basically the only thing that ever really worries me.

Doctor :Yes, making sure their asthma is under control is what we have to watch for with this flu so it is good that you brought them in. But you definitely have it well under control. Well done.

Then this wonderful doctor turns to my sons and says "look at your mom boys... she looks tired. I am betting she has been up with you guys a LOT the past few nights. You guys need to go home and rest LOTS. In fact maybe you should take a nap this afternoon too so your mom can take a rest too."

And then the Doctor starts explaining what colour their pee needs to be to get well again. That cracked the boys right up.

Doctor: well done mom, keep doing what you are doing and keep them hydrated, you can go home now

Me: so just to clarify- I don't need to bring them, or anyone else in our family, back unless they are having difficulty breathing, if their asthma is out of control or if they are dehydrated... right?

Doctor: yes. you are doing just fine on your own.

Me: (with relief) thank-you very much (and we left)

My husband and I had a laugh about it on our way home because honestly? They very rarely tell us anything we don't already know. I guess that is the joy/curse of being parent of asthmatics.

So the kids have fevers and Doug and I are not feeling to hot either but it is all good because we can all breath just fine! And that REALLY is the main point :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

and here we go again

Pin It I have 3 sick kids.

Aiden is, as per usual, the most sick of the three thus far. He has a fever and his cold has firmly planted itself smack dab in the middle of his chest. His asthma is out in full force... but controlled so far.

Owen is rapidly catching up to Aiden... but his asthma isn't too bad so far.

Olivia is just starting and I am trying to figure out how to convince her to take her asthma pills- they supposedly taste good and melt on the tongue but she won't keep it in her mouth no matter what I do. Clearly she doesn't understand just how important those tiny pills are.

And just to make things interesting? My chest is tight and my asthma is acting up too. Because that makes parenting 3 sick kids WAAYYYY easier.


Prayers appreciated.

Our goal is to avoid severe bronchitis/pneumonia. Thus avoiding the hospital.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekly Winners- snack time

Pin It Most of the pictures I took this week were birthday party related and have already been posted... but here are a few of the other pictures I took this week. I'm sure you'll be very surprised that they are of my kids :)

For some reason my pretty white wireless keyboard that came with my MAC has stopped working and Olivia has taken to sitting with it on her lap in front of the TV pretending to type. It is very cute.
My kids were having their snack and I just thought they all looked so cute drinking their juice boxes at the exact same time in the exact same way...
Of course Aiden noticed I was taking pictures before I could get all three of them...
and he told Owen he had to smile and I guess this is what I got...
then Olivia noticed what was going on and decided to give me this adorable face...

Cute eh?

You can find more Weekly Winners at

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Winner of the HP Photosmart Printer...

Pin It Since the HP giveaway was the biggest giveaway I have had thus far on my blog I decided to do something a little special and enlist the help of my boys in choosing the winner.

First I wrote down all 180 eligible entries on paper... and yes, as a matter of fact that DID take forever. Then I shoved them all in Owen's red toque...
I then interrupted the boys lunch (hence the sandwich in Owen's mouth) and Owen held his hat while Aiden chose one piece of paper.

Can you feel the excitement in the air? Who will the winner be???

Here is Aiden telling me "I think the winner is a kid in my class... I recognize the letter M but the rest is too messy to read mom"...

Then I said "well hon, I don't think any of the kids in your class entered so how about you turn the paper around so I can see it..."

And ta daaaaaa... the winner is Margaret!!

A big HUGE congratulations to you Margaret! You should have an email from me... make sure you reply within the next 48 hours or I'll have to go through this whole crazy process again!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mythbusters Weird World of Water

Pin It We are fans of the Mythbusters on TV and now we are also fans of the Mythbusters activity kits! We were sent the Weird World of Water Kit to try out and it was so much fun! I love fun educational activities like this one.

Product Specifications
  • For ages 9+.
  • Includes: Activity guide, 15 yellow beads, 3 pieces of balsa wood, 2 soda bottles and caps, clear cylinder, clear straw, clear tube, fin holder, funnel, glitter, nose cone, pipette, red and yellow food coloring, stopper assembly, and vortex connector.
  • What you'll need: water (dur), baking soda, distilled vinegar, scissors, measuring tape or ruler, measuring cup, measuring spoons, potato, granulated sugar, and cups.
  • Myths: Pantry Projectile, Deadly Vortex, and Man Who Could Walk on Water.

Since the product is geared for kids a little older than mine my husband helped the boys . Aiden (age 7) and Owen (age 6) had SO much fun making their own experiments. The Weird World of Water Kit just received the FamilyFun Magazine 2009 T.O.Y. award and I can see why! I think an older child would be able to use this kit with little to no adult intervention. The Mythbusters activity kits are completely hands-on. Each kit has several myths to "bust" and kids are given the opportunity to discover the answers through trial and error. There are 3 different kits available at this time: Power of Air Pressure, Forces of Flight and Weird World of Water.
With the Weird World of Water Kit you can test the power of whirlpools, create a liquid rainbow, launch your own water-powered rocket, and more! The pictures in this post are of the whirlpool experiment. It really only took a few minutes to do the actual experiment but the fun lasted for a lot longer.
Even my 2 year old Olivia wanted to get in on the action and all 3 kids have watched the whirlpool dozens of times since we did our experiment. I have left the bottle out and every time one of them passes it they, without fail, pick it up and make the whirlpool happen again!

I am more than pleased with this product. The Mythbusters kits would be an amazing gift for the science kid in your life and a very fun way to get those science-resistant kids in your life interested in the fun of discovery!

Thanks to Elmer's and Team Mom for giving me the chance to review this very cool product!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why is my 2 year old awake at 10 pm?

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So I took Aiden to the dentist today for his third of four appointments. He did awesome. He was so well behaved and only cried once when he got the shot for the freezing. I gave him his ipod to listen to and at one point he almost fell asleep! An hour is a really long time for him to be still.

But the financial crisis saga continues. As I mentioned before Olivia's dental issues are going to cost $2200 that we don't have. But today I was handed another bill for almost $400 for Aiden's teeth. More money we don't have.

Our insurance will cover some of Olivia's bill (about $900 we think) but Aiden's bill is AFTER insurance has already paid them. I have applied for some financial aid from social services- there is a program specifically to help with dental stuff for kids. I sure am hoping they can help us!

I just keep reminding myself that God will take care of us. Because He will. I KNOW He will.

In other news it seems my back is never going to get better. Ouch. And now the tendinitis in my shoulder and arm are acting up... because I needed more pain obviously :)

And Olivia is driving me crazy with her wacky sleep patterns these days. She is in that horrible stage between still needing to take naps and being ready to give them up. It is NOT going well. I managed to keep her up most of the day today until her regular bedtime and thought- delusionally- that she would stay asleep and we could get back on track.

No such luck. She woke up after sleeping for an hour and a half. NOT GOOD. I tried to put her back to sleep but it just was not going to happen. So now she is "helping" me and I can only hope I will be able to convince her to go to sleep before midnight!
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