Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Pin It I am surrounded by half un-packed boxes and chaos and my back is unbelievably sore messed up. I am hopped up on Robaxacet muscle relaxants and using frozen peas as an ice pack. I should go to a chiropractor but since we are currently trying to save every last penny we can for Olivia's dentist appointment in a week that just isn't going to happen. I am hoping God just heals me. Preferably within the next few minutes.

Our new house is nice. It is a duplex and the folks who live next door have 4 kiddos... and I must admit it is a little confusing for me! I keep hearing their kiddos and thinking it is mine!

And oh the laundry pile I have... it is astounding.

I am really sad about my back. I just don't understand why everything seems to happen at once.

Monday, September 28, 2009

hello from the land of cardboard

Pin It We moved.

It was chaotic.

We are tired.

Yep. That about sums it up :)

We are thankful for all the wonderful help we had and so thankful to be done the moving part. I am surrounded by half open boxes. I am very happy to have access to the internet once again!

The kids have handled this move surprisingly well. Aiden and Olivia have breezed through. Only Owen has had a few moments of tears and sadness over leaving the other house. Both boys have had a few tummy aches though. It is a lot to handle.

I really do like our new home... and I will like it even better once I get it organized a bit! I'll get some pictures up once you can see more than boxes :)

Speaking of which, I'm off to unpack more boxes... the fun just never ends around here!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

What I found on my son's shelf...

Pin It I packed up Aiden and Owen's room and this is what I found on Aiden's shelf...

Aiden loves to collect things and he has his own special shelf to keep them on. Let's take a closer look at his treasures shall we?

First are his beloved bottle cap and empty gum wrapper collections...

And here is his "experiment"... a bottle of water with a pencil inside. He wanted to see if the pencil would disintegrate.

A weird McDonald's toy and the speakers for his ipod...

And of course an army guy housed in Styrofoam packaging material, plastic grass and a real stick...

I love that kid.

Friday, September 25, 2009

it is almost time...

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Things are pretty darn busy around here. We move tomorrow and I am surrounded by boxes. And since I like to keep things interesting around here I messed up my back yesterday (of course) so all this packing boxes is just tons of fun. NOT.

In theory I should have internet access at least in some measure all weekend and Monday... but one can never be sure about these things. I've noticed the company is far less concerned about whether I have access or not than I am.

My boys get to go to a birthday party tonight and then are spending the day with grandma tomorrow- hopefully that will help Aiden not be quite so panicky about moving. Poor kid. Moves stress him out something fierce. Doug is going to set the trampoline up right away for him so he can bounce his stress right out.
SO off I go to get back to work. I am SO done with this moving nonsense!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Difference A Year Makes

Pin It Here is Aiden exactly one year ago today....

and here he is now...Owen exactly one year ago today...

and here he is now...
And here is Miss. Olivia exactly one year ago today...

and here she is now...
All three kids are taller and have added a year's worth of skills and maturity... and have had some pretty major life changes. It amazes me the difference one year can make.

Last year at this time we didn't have an official diagnosis for Aiden and he spent the majority of his days freaking out, Owen still had sweet chubby little boy hands and had just started kindergarten and cried everyday when I dropped him off for school, and Olivia could only say a few words and had barely any hair.

Now we officially know Aiden has autism and his ability to cope has improved dramatically. He no longer spends most of the day freaking out and angry. He taught himself to ride a two-wheeler bike this summer. He enjoys school and the school is starting to enjoy him too! He is learning to read and has proven his intelligence over and over again. He gives me wonderful hugs and is a wonderful helper to me.

Owen has slimmed out and grown several inches in height and is almost as tall as Aiden. He has lost that little boy look and has developed his own sense of style. He loves school and talks about his best friend Hunter and all the fun things they do each day. He has grown in confidence and independence and can even make his own peanut butter sandwiches! He has an amazing imagination and loves to dress up as his favourite characters.

Olivia is no longer a baby! She has crazy curly hair and is taller than most of the little girls her age. She has developed quite the personality and loves to talk. She plays with her dollies all the time and sings her brothers a lullaby at bedtime. She is constantly telling us she is hungry but never finishes ANYTHING we give her to eat. She is beautiful and so fun to be with!

My kids are so cool!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Owen's new skill!

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Pirate's Booty Snacks review

Pin It A couple weeks ago I was sent some samples of Pirate's Booty snacks to try out with my family. They were a HUGE hit! First of all my kids absolutely adored the packaging. What boys wouldn't love getting a treasure chest in the mail?

And when we opened the treasure chest up it contained a whole bunch of unbelievably good snacks...
I just have to share the creative press release that I got introducing me to this product... it made me giggle...
Back to School: Brown Bag Makeover
Pirate’s Booty Offers Tips on a Healthier Start to the School Year
Sea Cliff, NY (August 21, 2009) – As the blissful summer days packed with ice cream, Italian ices and barbeque come to an end, your readers will be thinking about starting their kids off right when they return to school by packing delicious, but nutritious lunches.
Pirate’s Booty, the makers of delectable crunchy air-puffed snacks baked with all-natural ingredients, first developed its products specifically for kids in 1986 – before healthy snacks even hit the marketplace. The motto at Pirate’s Booty is that no matter the age – tot to teen – children need to learn how to eat healthy and balanced to sustain good eating habits for life.
Luckily, Pirate’s Booty’s resident pirate and healthy living expert is here to offer some healthful tips for a “Back to School: Brown Bag Makeover”:
· Don’t Be a Son of a Biscuit Eater – Trade in the white bread for slices of whole-grain or a whole wheat wrap instead.
· Lay Off the Meat Pie – Opt for leaner meats like turkey or chicken that are low in fat, but high in protein, so your child can grow up big and strong.
· Open the Hatch – Expand the range of foods in your child’s repertoire to include a little from each food group – grains, protein, dairy, fruits and vegetables.
· Cut the Sugar, Scallywag – Avoid over sugary snacks and cakes and your child will surely avoid the inevitable energy crash and possible weight gain.
· Avast ye the Salt – Super salty snacks can dehydrate a youngling, so watch the sodium intake.
· Don’t Drop the Snack Anchor – Noshing on whole grain snacks that are low in sugar will keep a child’s energy up for that big test in between breakfast and lunch.
Pirate’s Booty is a delectable crunchy snack made from puffed rice and corn and is the perfect fit for the “Don’t Drop the Snack Anchor” tip above. Pirate’s Booty is baked with all-natural ingredients, is low in fat and is gluten and trans-fat free. The company even added two new flavors to the Pirate’s Booty lineBermuda Onion and Sea Salt & Vinegar are on shelves now. The new flavors enhance “The Original Puff” family that includes Aged White Cheddar, Veggie, Barbeque and Caramel. The great subtle flavors will have you craving more!
Other great-tasting snacks include Smart Puffs; all-natural baked corn puffs made with real Wisconsin cheddar and Original Tings; all-natural vegan crunchy corn sticks.
Now, look out for Pirate’s Booty six packs at your local grocer – the one ounce bags are the perfect addition to a healthy lunch.
We hope you’ll be inspired to live a little healthier and have fun while doing it! Let’s weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!
I thought it was very clever! Plus it has some great ideas too.
I really was very impressed with the Pirate's Booty snacks because they are all-natural and actually healthy (gasp) for you! Also? My kids absolutely devoured them and I totally had to ration them out just so they would last longer than one day! They have even asked for them several times since we ran out. They would indeed be perfect for school lunches.
My husband, my mother and I also really enjoyed them. And here is my husband acting goofy because I took a picture of him eating :)
And just in case you were wondering my sons are still using their beloved Pirate's Booty treasure chest for all of their Pirate adventures :)
Free samples were provided to me for this review thanks to:
Robert’s American Gourmet Food, LLC.
Robert’s American Gourmet Food, LLC., a manufacturer of all-natural snacks including Pirate’s Booty, Smart Puffs and Original Tings, was established in 1986 and is located in Seacliff, NY. Robert’s American Gourmet products are sold in the US and Canada. 

Monday, September 21, 2009

packing packing and more packing

Pin It I am knee deep in packing and should be at LEAST waist deep by now... so I am spending an exorbitant amount of time NOT on my computer. Sad isn't it?

However we called the computer doctor today and they told me my MAC has been miraculously healed. Go figure! They can't find anything wrong with it and I get it back tomorrow. YAY!

Olivia freaked out so bad this morning when I mentioned swimming lessons that we pulled her out. It just isn't worth all the tears. We rescheduled to try again in a few months.

I am going to go take a break and watch the season premiere of House now. Back to packing bright and early in the morning!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Pin It Our friends Kurt & Holly took us out on their sailboat today- it was so much fun!!!

Aiden was a little nervous at first and stayed in the cabin but by the end he was out with the rest of us!
Olivia preferred the cabin at first as well but she was so good!

It was a lovely day!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

of COURSE my computer died this week!

Pin It My beloved MAC is currently at the computer doctor where I am hopeful they will be able to retrieve all the stuff on my hardrive. Unfortunately we will need to purchase a NEW hardrive to put the stuff back on.


Let's just go over all that is happening in my life right now:

- all three kids have dental issues and we've had multiple appointments this past week and several more to come... which we have yet to pay for but will certainly have to pay a portion of soon.
- we are moving in a week. stress.
- I started the process of Owen's assessment
- Aiden and Owen both have new asthma medications to start on
- I have a ton of packing and cleaning to do
- Olivia started nursery school and then got pulled out of nursery school for refusal to use the potty
- we signed a lease and handed over an unbelievable amount of money to our new landlords today... it made me a little light headed.
- my beloved MAC computer died a sad and painful death and I am finding it surprisingly difficult to get any of my work done on my husband's old laptop.
- we bought appliances for our new home with money someone graciously donated to us anonymously... we are more than thankful since it is very hard to live without a fridge and stove.

I'm sure there is more but I am overwhelmed just thinking about it all.

So if I have forgotten something important please forgive me... life is rather chaotic right now.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Could this really be the death of my MAC?

Pin It I use a MAC computer and I adore it. It has served me beautifully for the past few years. I've never had a problem with it. Ever.

Until today.

Today it gave me the MAC version of the Blue Screen Of Death.

My husband has been trying valiantly to fix it... and he is graciously letting me use his laptop so I can pour out my sorrow to the internets. But he thinks we may have to nuke the thing and start over from the beginning.

I DID back the whole thing up about 6 weeks ago. But like a moron I forgot to do it again this month and even when the stupid thing blinked at me YESTERDAY and said "time to do a back-up" I ignored it thinking I would do it this weekend. When I had more time.

I am not so smart.

In my defense I have had an insane week. I took Aiden to get 2 of his cavities fixed today- he did amazingly well. He only started to freak out when they put the initial freezing in and again when the drill started up... but he calmed himself down right away. I always hated that part too. But then my ADHD child stayed perfectly still for them for the next half hour. I was in awe. I am so proud of him.

He still has two more appointments to go but I didn't tell him that yet.

I met with the assessment people because they would like to give Owen some counselling and strategies to help him deal with having a special needs sibling and heal from some of the abuse Aiden has heckled at him over the years. It was a very encouraging meeting and I am pleased that we will be getting some help for him.

I've got a lot of packing done. I cleaned the house. I've been rather productive today.

And as a reward my computer dies.

Wow MAC you sure don't fail often but when you do- you do it spectacularly.

I am so bummed. Apparently I am very bad for computers.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Clips4aCure.com Hair Clips review

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I was recently introduced to Clips4aCure and I'd love to tell you all about this wonderful company. Clips4aCure is run by cancer survivor and mom of 2 Sheridan Savio.

Olivia wearing the Alexandra clip
"Clips4aCure .com is an amazingly affordable, cancer survivor run
e-tailer and wholesaler, dedicated to curing cancer one haute hair
accessory at a time. The line includes bedazzled and dazzling hair
treats for infants with very little hair, to teens and even Moms who
want to glam up their tresses. Twenty percent of the profits from each
accessory goes to Susan G. Komen and the American Cancer Society."
We were sent all the adorable products pictured here to try out and I just love them! The clips are beautiful and I love how they are adorned with little crystals to give them that extra sparkle. They look so pretty when they catch the sunlight!

Me wearing the Pony Tyler

The clips stay beautifully in Olivia's hair... until she yanks them out that is :). They are comfortable to wear and don't snag on her fine hair. When she yanks the clip out, only the clip comes out- none of her precious hair attached.

Seriously though, how cute is this bow?!

These beautiful accessories would make wonderful gifts for the girls in your life and the fact that when you spend money at Clips4aCure you are also supporting cancer research is just amazing. I especially love this Abby Head Band...

Clips4aCure is packed full of beautiful products- hats, bows, clips, head bands, pony tale holders, sandals, and even pacifier clips. The flowers are all so colourful and the products are very well made. We have been very pleased with the products we were sent.

This is Olivia wearing the gorgeous Ali Hat...

Clips4aCure .com is a wonderful company that deserves our support! Be sure to check them out soon.
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