Monday, August 31, 2009

Cutie Pies

Pin It Yesterday at church Olivia and her little buddy discovered the teeter-totter and it was SO darn cute!!

They were both just giggling and having so much fun! I think it is the first time Olivia has ever found someone near her own weight to teeter-totter with and she LOVED it :)

One More Sleep

Pin It I have decided that school is expensive.

We went back-to-school shopping the other day and I almost had a panic attack over the unbelievable cost of everything. I could have seriously used a winning lottery ticket or some Walmart coupons at the very least!! Tragically I had neither. We did manage to find the boys some very stylish outfits and they chose their "perfect" pencil cases and ultra cool backpacks... and I didn't hyperventilate once! :)

The boys are actually very excited about their new clothes. Aiden has decided he is only going to wear black this year... and I'm really hoping that is just a colour preference and not a mood indicator!! Both boys are very particular about what they will and will not wear and there was a lot of "do you like this shirt?" with the "NO" response... apparently they didn't care if that shirt was on sale and half the price of the shirt they DID like.


Personally I prefer shopping online. I can take breaks when I shop online. I don't have to run after my kids when I use coupons! I don't have to drag Olivia out from under the various product displays if I am shopping with my handy-dandy discounts. Instead of trying to read the back of a book and wrangle three kids at the same time I can shop in blissful online peace.

But alas, I was forced to herd my exuberant offspring around several different real-life stores in our quest for school-preparedness.

And I think we did it!

Which is a very good thing considering SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW!!

(insert happy dance here)

Now I have to go and label all those lovely shiny new school supplies.

The fun times just never end around here :)

Hot Wheels Battle Force 5

Pin It My sons are incredibly excited for this new show coming soon...


On September 13th, Hot Wheel’s Battle Force 5speeds onto TELETOON®. It’s an all new action-packed adventure series that will take kids on a thrill ride with every episode. Five road gladiators have to save the world through high speed crash and bash demolition car combat. Going grill to grill against alien invaders, the defense of our world depends on these cars and their fearless drivers.

While Aiden was watching the preview I wrote down his responses. Here are just a few...

"MOM! I totally want to see that movie!"

"I didn't know they were so advanced like that to have drivers even"

"whoa, look what those cars can do!"

"I really want those cars"

"Please get whoever gave you that show to send us the movie"

"I'm serious...I think it's awesome...I think the driver's are awesome"

Needless to say I think it is going to be a big hit with my kids! They are very very VERY excited for the show and the toys to go along with it :).

And just so you have something to look forward to: the very cool folks from Hot Wheels will be offering a thrilling prize pack to give-away to one of my valued readers (NOT YET... this is just a warning that it WILL happen!). The prize pack will include action figures, vehicles and a race track from the series that will have kids feeling like they’re in the fantasy world of Battle Force 5™.
The prize pack includes ($60 value):
  • Hot Wheels® Battle Force 5™ Big Battle Vehicle with Figure Assortment
  • Hot Wheels® Battle Force 5™ Vehicle Assortment
  • Hot Wheels® Battle Force 5™ Battle Key Track set (not available until October)
  • Large sized poster showcasing the coolest cars from Hot Wheels® for 2009

So be sure to keep a watch out for that extra cool giveaway... coming SOON to this very blog!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Enjoying the Arts

Pin It I was given some beautiful art that I thought I would share with you all :).

These first two are from Owen (age 5)...

I love the rainbow!

And this is some sort of study in red...

And this lovely piece is from Miss. Olivia (age 2)...

I am so blessed!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Spinning Wheels

Pin It You ever have one of those days where you feel like you are spinning your wheels and getting absolutely nowhere?

That is me today.

I cleaned the whole kitchen this morning ... because I did nothing with it yesterday and it was a complete and total disaster... and I just walked into it a few minutes ago and it still looks messy.

I hate that.

And then? I cleaned the whole bathroom, even the floors... and that got me thinking- why can't boys aim? Why is there ALWAYS pee on the floor beside my toilet? Why???

Packing is at a bit of a stalemate... I figure I'll get back into it once the boys are back in school.

WHICH, by the way, is happening in a mere 4 sleeps!! I am way more excited than the boys :) Just think of all I can get done with them both in full time school only only Olivia to contend with??

We went back to school clothes shopping this morning and I almost had heart failure in the store. Seriously. Back to school costs way too much money. And Aiden has decided to only wear black this year. Interesting child is he not?

Ok, I am off to spin my wheels some more.

What are you all up to today?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

my new haircut

Pin It I thought this picture Doug took of me yesterday showed my new do nicely :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Haircuts- before and after!

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Thank-you Government Funding!

Pin It The lovely Canadian Government gave us a check for Aiden recently of almost $500. The catch was we had to spend on something therapeutic for him and his autism. They suggested things like sending him to a special needs camp or equipment for his occupational therapy. The main focus for Aiden's occupational therapy is finding things that help him self-calm, help him become more aware of how his body works, and help him work of all that pent up energy and aggression.

Solution? Bouncing! Aiden loves bouncing. He has been using our bed for years. It is his thing.

Our Occupational Therapist suggested those tiny indoor trampolines since we didn't have a lot of cash but with the government funding we were able to purchase a full size trampoline that - in theory- will help him for years to come! Our bed will have to suffice in the middle of winter :)

We are super excited.

And so are the kids!

This is perfect timing too with our upcoming move. Aiden will NEED a way to release some serious anxiety. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and winter will stay away long enough for him to enjoy it for awhile!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekly Winners- we look awesome!

Pin It Here are some of my favourite pictures from this past week...
The boys bought small skateboards with their own money and so Doug spent several hours trying to teach them to balance on them!
Olivia wanted in on the action too...
Olivia bought princess earrings and accessories with her very own money...
Apparently this is the face I get when I say "Aiden, look at me"...
Owen was writing his name in the sand under the swing...
Olivia "marching" in her beautiful self-chosen outfit. Who says red strips and purple strips don't go together?
Water at the spray park...
Olivia running free once she removed the shackles of her apparently unnecessary clothing...
You can find more Weekly Winners at

Friday, August 21, 2009

Beautiful Gift

Pin It I wanted to show you all the incredible gift we were given today...

This gorgeous dining room set arrived on our doorstep, fresh from IKEA, this afternoon. It was given to us by unbelievably generous friends of ours.

Isn't it gorgeous?!!!

We are in awe of receiving such an amazing gift.

On the off chance that our gift-givers happen to read my blog we would like to say a VERY heartfelt thank-you to you both. This is truly an amazing gift and we feel very blessed. Words truly fail!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh-livia JOY!

Pin It Do you see this adorable child with her pretty purple sunglasses and pretty princess clip-on earrings? She did something worth celebrating today...

I am about to tell you all something that will absolutely horrify my daughter one day I am sure.

But I don't care.

I am too darn excited.
My Olivia pooped in the potty today for the very first time!!

I'm so proud :)

Now those of you without small children are probably thinking to yourself "eewww gross" and "who cares??".

But what you may not realize is that this momentous occasion signifies the beginning of the end of my diaper changing days!!!! And that? is definitely something to celebrate!

I have been changing multiple diapers every. single. day for the past 2670 days (or 7 years, 3 months and 22 days).

That is a whole lotta diapers my friends.

And seriously- is she not the cutest thing?

So all you momma's of older children out there... did you celebrate the end of your diaper changing days? Or did it pass by almost unnoticed? And for those of you in the same boat as me- can you see the light at the end of the tunnel yet?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- No More Training Wheels!

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Pin It I have SO enjoyed having my Aunt & Uncle here with us for the past 2 weeks. We took them to the airport yesterday (which, incidentally, is an 8 hour drive round trip) and I was just so very sad to see them go. The house seems almost empty without them here!!

When we got home last night I checked my email. 144 messages. 144!!! And only about 10 of them were junk! Apparently that is what happens when I don't check my email for 12 hours. Who knew? You are a busy bunch of people out there in internet-land :)

So today I am attempting to start to catch up from the past 2 weeks. I feel a wee bit overwhelmed. Because as crazy as it sounds I actually have OTHER things to do besides just sit at my much-loved computer!

I know it sounds unbelievable.

But it is true! I actually have stuff like laundry and dishes and floor washing and parenting and refereeing fights between my 3 children and having meetings with Aiden's assessment counsellor not to mention all the books I have to read and the products I get to test out and just to top it all off I have about a zillion BOXES TO PACK. ACK!

Speaking of boxes to pack we still have no idea where exactly in our fine town we are going to be living in less than 6 weeks. Feel free to pray!

But on the up side there is a Curious George marathon on TV today. YAY! Love that monkey.

What do you all do when you get overwhelmed?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Conversations with my kiddos

Pin It Me: "Hey Olivia, what are you doing? What are you putting on the wall?"

Olivia: "I painting mommy!"

Me: "What are you painting WITH Olivia?"

Olivia: "yotion mommy" (lotion).

Me: "Oh. Of course. Well, have fun :)"

Later that same day...

Me: "Hey guys, why are you putting dirt in the old pizza box?"

My 3 very creative children: "for the worm garden mom!"
Me: "oh, of course! I should have known. Well done :)"

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekly Winners- exploring summer

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This week we went exploring at the beautiful Aaron Provincial Park on Thunder Lake here in Sunset Country, Northwest Ontario. We saw the most amazing mushrooms growing everywhere!

My mom and Olivia had fun playing in the beautiful lake.

We also took my Aunt & Uncle to Sandy Beach right here in Dryden.

We had fun watching this little chipmunk forage for food...

And of course we brought everyone to one of the most gorgeous places around here- Blue Lake Provincial Park.

Doesn't it just make you want to travel here and see it yourself??

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