Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Aiden!

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The video is all pictures taken in Aiden's first 18 months of life. I can't believe my firstborn is 7 years old!

Seven things I love about Aiden:

1. He lives life passionately and fully and rarely holds back.

2. He has a wonderful sense of humour and his laugh is completely contagious.

3. He gives me wonderful hugs and I love that he is still willing to snuggle with me once in awhile.

4. He has endured his struggles with asthma incredibly well. He is strong.

5. He can be so sweet. He brings me wild flowers and other "presents" he finds when he is playing outside. I cherish those dandelions :)

6. He is incredibly smart.

7. Aiden changed my life completely when he arrived. He made me into a mom. He has taught me an awful lot in his short life!

Happy Birthday Aiden, I love you SO much!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In Which Mommy Begins to Twitch

Pin It This week just keeps getting better and better. Let me tell you.

This morning I brought the boys to school and (stupidly) thought I would leave their ventolin inhalers with them in case they needed them. My boys have been using their own inhalers for over 2 years so it never occurred to me that this would be a problem. In their last school I just left them in their backpacks so they could use them when they needed them.

Ya. This school? Is way more strict about things like that. And I think I freaked Owen's teacher out a bit. I wrote a note to the teachers explaining why the boys had been out of school for the past few days and why I was sending their inhalers. Aiden's teacher didn't seem too bothered by it and told me she has a daughter with asthma so understood. Owen's teacher? Not so much. I think it scared her.... which actually made me feel really bad. I had to go talk to the principal and then the vice principal (who, by the way, is a wonderful woman that was just so great to talk to) in an attempt to figure out what to do. They gave me forms that I had to get a doctor to sign in order for me to leave inhalers at the school.

That stressed me out because you all know what good luck I am having with doctors in this town so far. (feel the sarcasm)

It also stressed me out that the boys wouldn't be able to have their inhalers with them... asthma isn't something to mess around with and it bothers me that their inhalers will be in the main office of the school which is NOT in the same room as my kid.

Anyway, being the emotional basket-case that I am I was on the verge of tears and suddenly realized that, in my efforts not to cry, I was starting to sound like a total angry hag. Which I wasn't. So then I tried to explain that I wasn't mad I was just stressed out with the medical system and all the rules I don't know about and can't follow if I don't know them etc. and that I am just feeling panicky because I have had to take the boys to the ER a couple times and really don't want to do that again.

SO I left the school and headed to the ER to see if the doctor who saw my kids on monday would fill out the forms that the school needed from me. Ya. That plan totally didn't work.

The very nice ER receptionist lady looked at me like I was insance to think that could happen and told me to try the walk-in clinic. So off I went to the clinic where I met a VERY nice receptionist who took pity on my over-emotional self and started to explain the rules of our town's medical system. She explained that if you want to see a doctor that day you show up at the clinic at 9am, wait in line and try for an apt that afternoon. If that doesn't work you come back at 1 pm and try for an apt for the next day. They will only book one half of the day at a time apparently. She also explained no doctor would sign my forms without my sons actually present because we aren't actually anyone's patients. I started to feel panicky.

But God had mercy on me and the lovely receptionist told me I was in luck because she just happened to have an unexpected apt available that afternoon at 3:15. I almost gave her a hug I was so relieved.

I called the school and told them I'd have to pick up the boys early for this apt and all would be well.

Fast forward a few hours, after I had a lovely chat with my dear friend Becky who almost managed to get me sane again, to me naively picking up my boys and taking them to the clinic.

MY BOYS WENT INSANE. It was awful. And I mean truly awful. My children turned into those horrible children you see running around back alleys and malls clearly unsupervised and who had never been taught any manners and obviously had awful parents.


If you had seen my kids in that office you would have thought there was something seriously wrong with them AND me.

I started to think so too after about 5 minutes of torture.

Finally the poor unwitting doctor comes in and starts to ask me questions above the din of my maniacal sons acting like complete morons. He did a valiant job of ignoring the chaos. It was pretty impressive actually. He totally ignored Aiden licking my arm, Owen throwing his socks at my head, Aiden crawling under his chair and chanting weird things, Owen making faces loudly in the mirror, Aiden crawling into the corner of the office and making animal sounds of some sort, me reminding them OVER AND OVER again that they were acting totally unacceptably, trying to distract them, telling them everything I was going to take away since they were being so dreadful... etc.

The very gracious doctor fills out my forms and in the midst of the questions figures out my son Aiden has been tested for Aspergers and needs to get into a pediatrician to continue that process. He quickly assures me he will refer Aiden to a pediatrician and then says "and obviously you will want to get a referral for your other son too so ASD (autism spectrum disorder) can be ruled out".

Ya, that's right. My "normal" kid was acting bad enough that the doctor thought he had special needs. Goody.

I gladly accepted the referral however because then at least two of us will have access to a doctor! And I am truly grateful for the referral. It was the bright spot in this hideous day.

By the time I got out of that office I was so mad at the boys there was probably steam coming out of my ears. I mean they were REALLY REALLY REALLY bad in that office. Awful. Horrifyingly embarrassing. It was as if every lesson they have ever learned left their head during that hour.

I was very relieved to get home and confine them to their room indefinitely.

I totally made them clean their room and the playroom in the basement. Doug took away their wii and half their toys. At that point I think they finally realized just how mad I really was. Suddenly they were very apologetic.


Honestly? My boys are usually pretty good. They are mostly polite. They have the ability to listen. No, they are not perfect... but today? Was just out of control.

And then tonight? Once we finally managed to get all three kids asleep I checked my email and found this lovely note buried in my drafts folder...


ur account has been hacked by me !

What. A. Jerk.

There is seriously no lol from me pal.

So my goal for the next few hours is to forget today ever happened because tomorrow? Is Aiden's 7th birthday. SEVEN! And it is going to be a happy day.

So there.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I've been hacked

Pin It Ok- so the hacker (jerk) managed to obliterate every email I have sent or received in the past 2 weeks... if you emailed me something important feel free to re-send.

AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH I am so frustrated.

On the UP side PayPal totally got my money back from the hacker!

Now if someone could find me the past two weeks of information that would be perfect.

Monday, April 27, 2009

words fail

Pin It What can I possibly say that would adequately describe my day??

Both of my sons are still VERY sick. They stayed home from school today. We have been giving them asthma breathing treatments on the nebulizer machine every 4 ish hours, interspersed with inhaler use and over-the-counter cough medicine. It is now 11pm and I can still hear them both croupy coughing in their beds. I hate how helpless I feel.

I had a bright spot this afternoon when I got to visit with a couple new friends here. We drank tea and talked and that was great.

But then when I got home I checked my email and someone hacked into my email account WHILE I WAS ON IT and deleted all of my files & emails... luckily they didn't empty the trash bin so I was able to retrieve most all of my emails but it sure was scary. I sat their watching my email account go blank. It honestly made me feel light-headed and dizzy... which sounds stupid since it is just email but in case you haven't noticed I do a fair number of reviews and giveaways on this blog... and ALL of that information is in my email. Not to mention the fact that most of my friends are scattered hither and yon and my email is my link to them. I'd really be in a lot of trouble if my email dissappeared. I'm thinking I should come up with a back-up plan now.

And then of COURSE the hacker also hacked into my paypal account and stole some money. I'm sure he was very disappointed once he got in there to realize I'm broke and don't have much. He took my $50 though. Jerk.

So now I've changed every password for every account I have and hopefully that will get rid of him... at least until I can come up with another back up plan.

I spent most of the day listening to my sons cough while I tried to re-sort hundreds of emails into folders. The fun just never stops around here.

We think my sons' are getting sicker because of something that is happening here in our new town. There have been a few suggestions- snow mold, some undiagnosed allergy to something around here that wasn't in our old town, or perhaps the paper mill pollution. I called our asthma/allergy specialist where we used to live and asked him to refer us to someone here. Of course the closest specialist is 4ish hours away but it is vital we get to a specialist soon. This simply cannot keep happening every other week. It is not good for the boys to be having this much massive meds just to keep breathing.

And all those lovely prescription refills we got today? Several of them have to be ordered in to our pharmacy. So it's a darn good thing we asked for them today because I THINK the meds we have will last us until Wednesday when the new meds come in.

Aiden turns 7 on Thursday. I really really really hope he and Owen are all better by then. And that Olivia and I avoid getting this round of breathing-torture. Doug usually manages to stay healthy because he is the only one with non-compromised lungs in our family. Of course he is allergic to grass and trees and essentially the great out-doors so he is tortured in his own special way.

I'm really tired. I'm hoping to get more than 3 hours of sleep tonight.

Prayers are definitely appreciated.

I hate murphy and his stupid no good law.

Pin It Have you ever noticed that children get miraculously better the minute the doctor walks in the room? It drives me crazy.

Aiden had a fever of 104.5 and both boys had to have mega-meds all night long just to keep breathing ok... but apparently waiting at the hospital in a teeny tiny room for 2 hours to see a doctor heals my children just long enough to make me look like an over-protective paranoid mother. Perfect.

The doctor just sighed and told me everything looks ok.

I started to twitch.

Luckily for him he seemed to recognize a mother-on-the-edge and graciously refilled our prescriptions so that when it INEVITABLY happens again (like an hour after getting home from the hospital) I will be able to treat my sons at home and won't have to go back to the hospital in a crazed rage.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday night Asthma fest

Pin It I mentioned many times before that my sons' have asthma (which they got from me of course) and I hate it. Stupid nasty asthma.

Both boys have had pretty bad asthma forever but it has jumped in intensity since we moved a couple months ago. Especially for Owen.

Both boys have been struggling since Friday and tonight I had to give them both their "mask" again. Nebulizers are a wonderful thing by the way. It steams their meds into their lungs (sort of) which usually makes them work a lot better.

Owen actually asked for his tonight. Usually I have to fight him to get him to do it... which just shows how much worse his breathing is these days.

Aiden has had to endure "the mask" dozens and dozens of times so he is more used to it. Unfortunately. No kid should be used to it.

We only have a little bit of meds left so I am hoping what we have on hand will get us to the apt we have with the nurse practitioner... then she can prescribe us more (in theory). We really don't like to be without it.

Friday, April 24, 2009

good news

Pin It This ridiculous headache is still raging but I wanted to share some exciting news- I managed to get Aiden and I an appointment with a nurse practitioner in a few weeks! As some of you know we have been unable to find a family doctor since we moved. There is a health care crisis going on in Canada right now and in our particular town there are no doctors who are taking new patients. None. The only option is to go to the walk-in clinic or emergency. Those options are just fine if we are sick. BUT Aiden and I both have issues that need regular monitoring and we really need a family doctor for that.

ANYWAY I have been trying to get an apt with ANYONE for weeks and finally today I got through! So we get to see the nurse practitioner- Aiden in 2 weeks and me in 6 weeks. She can get us our prescription refills and- in theory- refer us to a pediatrician who can take over Aiden's case and someone who can monitor my wacky thyroid.

I am very relieved.

Still praying for a family doctor though :)

I am also debating at what point this headache is enough of an issue to go wait in a walk-in clinic for a few hours to see a doctor. I just don't know.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

this is the song that never ends it just goes on and on my friend

Pin It I have had the nastiest headache for the past FIVE days... it varies from mild nagging annoyance to raging migraine-why-won't-it-stop strength and I have NO idea where it is coming from.

Usually my bad ones are caused by msg ingestion, or my cycle, or being overly stressed or tired... but none of that is the case right now. Although the headache IS making me increasingly stressed and less likely to have a good sleep.

In any case it is definitely affecting my ability to write clever posts.


I'm going to go knock back a few more advil and hope my stomach survives. I hate taking pills.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

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Today is Earth Day. My sons have both been very excited about Earth Day for weeks... I have found that both fascinating and exciting. Fascinating because I am certain that when I was their age I had no clue that our earth needed saving. Exciting because I think it is really cool that they are so excited about saving the earth God created.

My son Owen came home from school on Monday and said

Owen: MOM! It is Earth Day this week!!! We get to save the planet!!

Me: that is so cool! What are you going to do to save the planet?


Now, my son said this with enthusiasm he usually reserves for playing or getting a new toy and I think his teachers have done an excellent job passing on the value of our earth to my kid. Well done!

We recycle at home but our town does not accept all recyclable things- such as glass. They won't take it. I don't know why. We could return alcohol bottles for a refund but since we barely ever have any of that around that doesn't help us much. We DO however use a lot of jarred pasta sauce which can't be recycled. There are also some rather strict rules about what plastic/packaging/etc. can be recycled.

Our goal for ourselves this year has been to reduce the number of plastic bags we use since we know for sure those can't be recycled. We have those cloth re-usable grocery bags that we are trying to use whenever we buy something. Sometimes we do great, other times we suck. But we are trying.

We are also using environmentally safe cleaning products whenever possible. I am glad more companies are coming out with GREEN alternatives.

I fully believe that God has given us this earth and we are to take care of it. But I do have a dilema... I review stuff. LOTS of stuff. It all comes in packages. Some of which is recyclable and some of which is not.

Here is a picture of some of the packaging I have gotten in the mail in the past week. Some.

The cardboard can all be easily recycled. I reuse as many envelopes as I can when I send stuff out to giveaway winners. My kids love playing with bubble wrap. But most of these containers held MORE packaging, most of which was not recyclable. That is a whole lotta junk going into the landfill people.

So I checked around YouTube and found this neat video about one guys suggestion to help with the "packaging" problem...

I think he has a great idea and I'm going to give it a try :)

Happy Earth Day!

Wordless Wednesday- I SEE you!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Aiden's logic: Autism & Hitting

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I got a note sent home from school today about my son Aiden. Apparently he had two "incidents" today- the first was when he kicked a girl from his class when she stepped into line in front of him on the way to the library. The second was when he punched a different girl for being bossy in french class.

This was the conversation I had with my son about these "incidents"

Me: So Aiden, how was school today? Were you good? (holding note from teacher in my hand)

Aiden: I think pretty good... yep... I was good. (sounding confident)

Me: What happened on the way to the library?

Aiden: nothing much, I was good. (looking vaguely confused)

Me: Did you kick a girl on the way to the library?

Aiden: Yep. (no guilt present in this response)

Me: And then you hit a girl in French class?

Aiden: Yep. (still not looking guilty at all)

Me: Was it the same girl both times?

Aiden: no... two different girls. (looking at me like I am insane for thinking he could hit the same girl twice)

Me: Aiden you KNOW you are NOT allowed to hit or kick or punch girls EVER!

Aiden: Well, I didn't do it very much! Only once! (looking like this is a perfectly good explanation)

Me: Once is too much Aiden! You can NEVER hit or kick a girl. Not EVER!

Aiden: huh? (looking shocked and appalled)

Me: Kicking a girl once is too many times since you are supposed to kick her ZERO times.

Aiden: WHAT??? ONCE is too much??? (now looking incensed and horrified)

Me: Yes, once is definitely too much.

Aiden: That's crazy. I think 5 times, or maybe 10 times should be too much. But not once. Once is barely at all. (spoken as though this is the most logical thought in the world)

Me: Once is too much. Don't hit. Don't kick. Don't punch. Anyone. Ever. Under any circumstances. Not boys and especially not girls. Ok?

Aiden: that's just weird. Can I go outside and play now? (translated " you are crazy mom and I am done with this conversation")

Me: Yes. As long as you don't hit/kick/or punch anyone.

Aiden: okaaayyyy, I promise. I'll try not to do it. I'll try. But once still shouldn't be too much.
(and out the door he goes)

Boys are fun aren't they? :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So you can feel better about yourself...

Pin It I have a confession to make...

my house?

is a complete disaster.

There are piles of laundry everywhere... some dirty, some clean, some folded, some in baskets and lots in a giant pile on my laundry room floor. Whole drawers are empty. I don't know why it seems so hard to get the laundry from the basket into the drawer. Perhaps there is a forcefield surrounding the dressers that prevents me from putting clothes where they belong.

Random things are scattered about in places they don't belong... blankets, toys and a juice box litter the living room floor. Dishes from lunch sit on the dining room table... and it is 6 pm. The recycling bin is full and in the middle of the kitchen along with a half unpacked box of kitchen stuff that we can't figure out where to put. Coats and boots are scattered on the entry way floor... mere feet from the places where they belong.

I may get some huge burst of energy tonight and clean it all up... but this headache I've had for the past several days has sapped my energy. I kept taking pills to make the headache bearable and that worked... mostly... except taking all those pills also made my stomach a complete mess.

So there you have it.

My confession of the day.

It's only April and I am already out of the running for housewife of the year :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

It is pretty much the middle of the night here.

Pin It I had to take my son Owen to the hospital tonight. He has asthma and chronic croup and it hit him hard and he was having trouble breathing and it was freaking him out... and me too. The hospital was very nice and gave him super-drugs and meds through a nebulizer (mask thing that sort of steams the drugs into their lungs). When the nurse pulled out the nebulizer Owen said "Hey- my brother Aiden has one of those at home and I guess I caught his cough and so now I have to use it too".

I think the nurse was a bit surprised that we actually OWN a nebulizer machine. Usually it is Aiden that needs it though.

Have I mentioned lately that I hate asthma? Cuz I do. And I also hate croup. Stupid chronic croup.

Owen is doing ok now, asleep but still coughing sporadically. I really should be asleep too.

But like a moron I checked my facebook and watched a video of my friend Becky and her family doing their Easter egg hunt... and then I couldn't stop crying for ages.

There was something about actually seeing them all talking and laughing that made me acutely aware that they are hundreds of miles away and I am only seeing them via this computer... not in real life.

But thank-you God for this computer and the ability to see it at all... so much better than the "old days" of having to write letters and wait a zillion years to hear anything.

All of today didn't suck. We actually had a really nice Easter "service" out at a church families' acreage. It was a gorgeous day (plus 7 degrees Celsius or 44 degrees Farenheit.. which really is gorgeous for here this time of year... trust me) and we all had brunch there and my husband read the Easter passages from Scripture. It was good. Probably the best Easter church thing I've ever been to. I loved sitting on the deck in the sunshine enjoying the almost-spring-like weather and getting to share a meal with people instead of a regular church service. It seemed like much more of a celebration to me that way. Of course we are a pretty small church right now so things like that are actually possible. Much easier to do with 50 than 200.

Although apparently the almost-spring-like weather was a bit too much for Owen's lungs to handle today. Poor kid.

And poor little Olivia... she went outside to play with the other kids and then someone came in and told us she was upset. So we go outside and she is soaking wet "trapped" in the snow in a patch of trees wailing... I have no idea how she got there or where the kids who were "watching" her went but she was ok. Just wet. And cold. Doug rescued her and she fell asleep in my arms as soon as she was warm and dry again.

So I am off to bed... much later than I should be. Trying to stop worrying about Owen even though he is still coughing harshly and trying to stop crying about how much I miss Becky.

I'm very thankful Jesus died and rose again... it means I don't have to go through hard stuff on my own. And neither does anyone else. And our lives aren't just some sort of cosmic joke. Even when things suck. There IS a point to all of this... whether I see it or not.

Happy Easter everyone :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weekly Winners

Pin It What Spiderman bath towels are REALLY for...

Is it spring yet?

Olivia's bathtime fun...

Aiden learning to read with flashcards...

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