Wordless Wednesday- Miss. Expressive


katepickle said…
Miss Gorgeous!
What a cutey!

Happy WW
I just LOVE those curls! :)
Miranda said…
That's priceless!! What a blessing!
Jennifer said…
Brilliant photos! I adore her expressions! Happy WW!
SHe is so cute! Love her eyes! Happy WW :)
Ave said…
The second picture is fantastic!
She looks like a little model!
Cara said…
OH MY WORD, I LOVE THOSE CURLS!!!! She will be full of life when she grows up!!
mom2anutball said…
LOL! I love the first picture! What a cutie!!
Happy WW!
Staci said…
Too cute! You can definitely see personality shining through!
Margaret said…
I think you and Doug are going to be in trouble! She is gorgeous.

What was she making the cute face for in the first picture?
Grissell said…
Beautiful! I am partial to curls, myu daughter Chloe has them and oh how I love it. Wish I had some volumne.LOL

Have a great weekend!
LOL, oh I love those! She's too darn cute. :)

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