not again

Well, I have been thrown completely off my game this week by a little piece of information that I did NOT want to hear. We are renting a home right now and our landlord has sold it. We have to move within the next 2 months. Which means we will be moving AGAIN. We just moved here a few months ago. I hate moving. I feel like we just got settled. And the boys are absolutely distraught at the very thought of leaving this house. Especially Aiden of course because he deals with change poorly at the best of times.

SO I guess I get to start packing again.

We are feeling a little stressed about finding a suitable place to rent... rentals are few and far between here. So feel free to pray!

But rather than leave you all with those somber emotions here are some happy pictures I took last week...


AmandaSue said…
So sorry to hear you have to move again, I know what a mess it is to have to pack up again and find a new place, good luck finding a new place that will hopefully be somewhere that you can call "home" for a bit longer then a couple of months :) Your family is in my prayers.
Bcteagirl said…
Sorry to hear about this as well, my thoughts will be with you. I shudder to think what will happen when I end up having to move one day, what with my collection of books and vintage kitchen pyrex :(
Tanya said…
Gotta love Olivia's hair on that trampoline!!

Bummer about the house. I've been praying for a new perfect place for you guys to own.
I've had this happen twice where our rental has been sold and I think that's been more stressful than any other times I've moved. I hope you find something you love and that your children transition as easily as possible.

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