Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Aunt & Uncle on YouTube

Pin It Last week when the fires were ravaging Kelowna, BC I found a couple photos of my Aunt & Uncle being evacuated on I contacted the site and told them who the people in the picture were and asked who the photographer was. I just felt like people should KNOW who those faces belonged to! The photographer- John McDonald - contacted me and asked for their names and then he contacted them for an interview.... here is the result...

You Tube Video:

Isn't that amazing?

My sweet Aunt & Uncle are coming to visit me next week and I am SO SO SO excited!!! I continue to be incredibly thankful that they are safe and sound and their home is ok- covered in ash, but ok :)


Michelle said...

I'm so glad that your Aunt and Uncle are okay,Hugs to them and enjoy your visit,I'm sure that lots of pamering is in the books.

Judy said...

Oh, Tara. I am SO glad that you will get to visit with them!

What a TRULY amazing story.

Heidi V said...

I'm so glad their home is safe. That was a huge fire!! Both of them seem in great spirits after enduring such a frighting experience.

Amanda Daybyday said...

That IS amazing! I cried and I laughed all in the 3 minute video. It really is a touching story. I loved your aunt's comment about looking horrible and running in front of the camera. Enjoy your visit with them Tara...they seem wonderful.

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