Saturday, May 23, 2009

uh oh

Pin It ok so I am having a wee bit of a nervous breakdown. We are renting a home in our new town, even though we owned our own home in our last town, because we couldn't afford to buy one here. But rentals are few and far between so the house we are renting is for sale. Which sucks. A couple days ago the real estate agent brought someone to see the house. Now they are coming back. With a furnace inspector.

Things are not looking good for us people.

I just want to burst out in tears at the very thought of having to move again so soon. Especially since rentals really are extremely hard to find in our small town and as far as I can tell all the rentals are homes that people would rather sell but can't find a buyer yet. So we would be in the exact same position we are in now.

This house? Has been on the market for YEARS. But one look with us living in it and voila they are very interested. I knew I shoulda made it smell nasty or something.

We have a small amount of money from the sale of our home but we would be VERY hard pressed to find a home in our price range here. We've looked.

My tummy hurts.


Nessa said...

Sweetie, I am so sorry. Maybe they will decide they don't like the house afterall. I'll be praying for ya!

Amanda Daybyday said...

Brutal!!! Praying too!

37 Questions said...

Sending wishes your way for good home luck - for both staying in the house you're renting now, and for finding a great price on the future house you WILL buy! Positive thoughts only, keep your head up!

Amanda Franks said...

Totally praying for you Tara! The same thing happened to us when we first moved to Calgary and it was rough. But God always provides, and he is faithful!

The Dynamic Uno said...

I'm sorry about your situation. I know how frustrating it can be. I know God is watching out for you and will provide a better place if your house ends up selling.

Anonymous said...

I so don't want your house to sell!!! Especially since you just got it looking really beautiful and all. I'm in your corner. Love you. Mom

jceko77 said...

I am so sorry:( You are in my thoughts and prayers

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