say what?

ok I still don't have any pictures to show you... I am up to my eyeballs in boxes and if I took any pictures right now all you would see is cardboard anyway :) But I do love our new home and I will love it even more once I manage to organize it!

Aiden & Owen started school today and when I called the special ed. lady at lunch to see how Aiden was doing she said he was doing great!!! I am so surprised but SO thankful! I realize it could all go downhill in a hurry but a successful first day is definitely a good start :) She also told me that Owen is doing great in his new class which I knew he would :)

The one odd thing about this school? The kids aren't allowed to play on the play structures during the winter. Why is that odd? Well, winter lasts most of the school year here!!! Apparently it is an Ontario school board rule province wide. They seem to think the play structures are too slippery with snow etc. The thing is... the GROUND is slippery with snow on it!

We just moved from Saskatchewan and apparently the kids are much hardier out there because they play on their play structures all year round no problem :)

Owen was so confused when the supervisor told him he wasn't allowed to play on the slide. I would be confused too. When I asked for an explanation the lady who told me didn't sound too impressed with the rule either. I mean, honestly, these kids have about an hour of playtime outside per day with NOTHING to play on!!! Weird.

Other than that thing, which has nothing to do with the school, we have been VERY pleased with the new school. They have really been wonderful.

We are buying a washer & dryer this week since our old one was included in the sale of our home. Hopefully we can make it with the clean clothes we have left until it arrives!

We also joined the Wii masses this week and got our family a Wii. The boys are SO SO SO excited. Honestly? We figured the boys deserved something fun after all the stress they've gone through the past few weeks. Aiden is especially enjoying it and the boys played TOGETHER nicely for hours yesterday!

I attempted to play too but sucked badly enough that Aiden told me to stop playing until I had practiced some more :)

The TV guy is here hooking us up to the world of satellite television once again YAY!!

Ok, I am off to unpack more boxes... see ya later!


LvlyRita said…
Glad that the transition is going well so far. We just got a Wii last month, and it is amazing that the kids do so well with it and each other. My 5 year old got an exploring the ocean game for his birthday, I think I enjoy it as much as he does (and no extra lives needed, either).
Yes what would our Sask kids do without the playground equipment in the winter? What a lame rule. You missed a wonderful weather day today. It was melting like crazy! Glad to hear that your boys are doing alright. Good thinking with the Wii. That will keep them busy/happy!
Amanda Daybyday said…
Glad you're settling in!!! My sister broke her nose once playing on a play structure in the winter time. So I guess I get it...but it can't be much fun for the kids.
Judy said…
Welcome to your new home!

So glad to hear about Aiden's great first day of school.

We moved 1 1/2 years ago, and I'm STILL trying to find somethings...
el Maggie said…
good luck with settling in. what town are you in now?
Jinny and Colin said…
I'm jealous of the new washer/dryer! What kind are you getting?
Anonymous said…
Yeah, the playground thing sucks, but if it's that dangerous they must come up with an alternative for the kids so they'll play, or maybe the designers of play structures could design structures that aren't so dangerous. Glad you're happy with the school, apart from the above.
Love you, Tara.

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