Volume. Control. Needed.

Oh. My. Goodness.

My son Owen? Is incapable of being quiet.

Seriously. The child has no volume control. He is either loud or louder.

He walks loud.

He talks loud.

He laughs loud.

He plays loud.

He is just an all around LOUD kid!

My mother says this is payback for me because apparently I was a loud child too.

I managed to convince the boys to play outside for a few minutes this afternoon in an effort to allow Olivia to have an undisturbed nap. Sadly, it is a little too cold out (only -13 C. or 8 F) so they didn't last long.

Of course I mentioned that if they didn't stick their heads in snowbanks they would stay warmer longer but I'm just the mom, what do I know. :)


blueviolet said…
My first was like that! In fact, she still can't be quiet and she's 20.
OMG! I am LMAO at that picture. My son is 7 and the exact same. I know I am being paid back...i was loud, too. He also doesn't sit still at home. He sits still at school, I just get the pleasure of watching him move ALL the time.
1girlparadise said…
That is a super cute picture! Hilarious! So did they come right in after getting his head out of the snow?
Yes, we all have to have at least one, don't we? Sounds like maybe the moving stress may be magnifying a few personality traits.
They look completely unaffected. How are you? Are you telling all of your move stories in another place?

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