Quick update

I just wanted to give you all a quick update of what is going on in our life right now...

1. We are very excited that the new elementary school where the boys will be going in our new town is providing Aiden with a full time one-on-one aide for at least a month to help with the transition. This is AMAZING.

2. We have found a home to rent that we are pleased with. This is also amazing. We don't have an actual moving date yet ... we just know we will be in our new place by March 1st.

3. Several folks have looked at our home which gives us hope that it may indeed sell within a few months.

4. On the down side we are all sick. Doug is starting to feel better I think. The boys and Olivia seem to be holding steady with just a cold, not bronchitis or pneumonia yet. I feel like I have been run over by a truck- I have a nasty chest cold and my head is pounding but all three kids are asleep and I fully intend on taking advantage of the quiet!


Bebemiqui said…
That's awesome that you've found a place to rent!
Hope you feel better...we hear you on the cold front!
Jenners said…
Lots going on! Good luck with everything and hope you all feel better soon
Nessa said…
Hope you all feel better soon!

I am so excited about the school helping Aiden with an aide! That's fantastic!

So glad you've found a place to rent that you are happy with! I'll be praying that your house sales soon. :-)
ChristiS said…
Glad you've found a place to rent, and that is WONDERFUL about the aide to help out with the transition! Hope ya'll are all feeling better soon!!

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