Play Date

Aiden has a friend from school over this afternoon for a play date. And wow, are they EVER playing. Playing in the basement. Playing in the boys' room. Playing in the living room. Playing in the kitchen. Playing with the gamecube. Playing with lego. Playing with bakugan. Pretending to be storm troopers/superheroes/aliens/fighters.

Boys? They play differently than girls.

I? Am a girl.

In fact, I am VERY girlie.

Boys confuse me.

I have lived with Doug for almost 9 years. I have been the mother of sons for almost 7 years. And yet? They still confuse me.

Why can they not play any single activity for longer than 8 seconds? Why is farting funny? Why must every word be YELLED? Why must every game have at least a tinge of violence? Why must high places be jumped off of?
They are having fun and I am glad.

I am playing tea party with Olivia.

Now THAT I understand :)


ChristiS said…
Oh, I'm with ya, girl! I don't get those things either! Not only am I a girly girl, I grew up in a house with two older sisters! The yelling? Extremely rare!

Just checking in on ya...praying for you in the moving process!
the Doug said…
Pop quiz wifey... when were we married?
That's right, July 31, 1999 - so we're past the nine year mark...
I'm fairly certain I didn't sleep through a whole year.
PamperingBeki said…
Oh that is SO true!!

I see huge differences in my boys and my girl!
Jinny and Colin said…
haha, I loved this post. It's giving me a picture of what I can look forward to happening in my home. Liam just started being really boyish in the last few weeks...throwing toys to hear waht loud noises they make, yelling at the top of his lungs for fun, throwing things at the's been interesting. I understand your whole 'boys are a mystery' thing having grown up in a family of 4 girls. I think Colin laughs at my boy ignorance a lot.

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