clean house jitters

I seriously don't know how you super-moms out there do it.

There is NO way I can keep my house showable-clean all the time and still allow my children to move around.

I feel a little like all I do is clean these days. Is that what you super moms with the perfect houses do? Clean all day every day? Do you forbid entry into certain rooms? Quarantine the entire family to one small area?

I'm seriously asking.

Before I had kids I didn't mind cleaning at all. I fall on the perfectionist end of the spectrum but it was ok. I could clean everything perfectly, dirt out of all corners, marks off the walls, etc.. and it would STAY that way. Sometimes for days or weeks on end! Sure some dust would be added but once it was deep cleaned I didn't have to deep clean again for a long time.

Not now.

Yesterday at 5:30 pm my house was perfect. Spotless. Well, as perfect and spotless as it could be without repainting the whole place, replacing the windows and all the carpets.

We went out for supper so that our real estate agent could show our home.

Now today, a mere 23 hours later juice has been spilled on the floor, my cat attacked an envelope and spread the pieces all over the living room, crumbs and food particles cover the counters, used cups litter various surfaces, chunks of kid toothpaste are congealed on the bathroom sink, cat hair defiles the inside of the tub (crazy cat sleeps in the tub), dirty clothes lie in heaps waiting to get laundered...

and yes, it still looks ok. But not perfect. Not even close to perfect. And to make it worse I have TOTALLY been TRYING really hard to keep it nice!!!

And now? Whenever something gets dropped or spilled I feel aggravated. I feel pressure to jump up and pick it up, clean it up, etc. right away. Darn that perfectionism.

When my house was ... well... less than perfect little things didn't bother me.

Clearly I am not homemaker of the year.

Because I LOVE how it looks all sparkly clean.

But I am TIRED of cleaning constantly. And if I stop cleaning to pay attention to my children or my husband or check my email or write this post then the mess jumps out of nowhere and attacks.

So like I said, I don't know how you super-moms do it.

And you know what? Our house is being shown tomorrow. And the next day.

Which is fabulous.

But means I have to keep cleaning.


With all this cleaning someone better love our house and buy it quick I tell you. :)


Oma aka Meme said…
I wish I could say that ''I got ''it'' to stay clean longer than 24 hours now and then but alas- I never discovered how to be superwoman--I just never learned to fly.....
but I do know that you are a super mom which is the better of the two- hugs from Meme
Anonymous said…
I think you're not only a super mom but also a super housekeeper. It's just that there are often other priorities. You'll have years and years with a clean house once they all leave home, so enjoy their mess while you can!
oh, I do remember the house showing time and do NOT miss that at all. I can't give advice because I failed terribly and just spent the whole time shouting at my kids for just being kids. Every night when I laid my head on the pillow I would feel remorseful because in the big picture none of that stuff matters. It's tough. I wish I could help. Know that prospective buyers aren't looking for a perfectly clean home, just want to be greeted by a pleasant smell without a lot of clutter. Hoping you sell quickly!!
dags said…
ok, i don't even know how people with a husband and/or kids can do it...i'm single and i still can't keep my place clean!! seriously!! i know lots of people who make certain rooms off limits for toys and fact i grew up in a house with a living room that was off limits. but what fun is that?? i think a house should be lived in and look lived in...right? (actually i think my mom just needed one room in the house where she could go and regain some sanity) hopefully your house will sell quickly and you won't have the extra stress!

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