My Olivia LOVES her baths and I love watching her enjoy them so much! This picture is her a little over a year ago (time sure does fly). We have been using Johnson's baby products since Aiden was a newborn almost 7 years ago. I love that wonderful clean-baby scent my babies had after giving them their evening bath. Since my babies have all had ultra-sensitive skin I can rely on Johnson's not to irritate their lovely baby skin! Even though Olivia is two now and the boys are definitely not babies anymore we still use Johnson's head to toe wash for their bathtimes. We also absolutely ADORE Johnson's soothing vapor baby bath. We use it absolutely everytime our kids have a cold. It works amazingly well!

Johnson's is celebrating 50 years of No More Tears and in honour of this momentous occasion they have come out with two new products... Johnson's baby bubble bath & wash and Johnson's head-to-toe foaming wash.

I was asked to review and blog about these two great products on behalf of MomCentral and Johnson's and I was thrilled to do it! We love both of these products. My kids love having bubble baths but because of their unbelievably sensitive skin we usually have to avoid bubble bath products. Most of them cause all three of my kids to break out in nasty rashes which is never fun. But we gave the new baby bubble bath a try and it was lovely! Fun bubbles for the kids and no irritated skin! Yay!

The head-to-toe foaming wash is great because it was easy enough for my kids to use on their own. They thought it was fun and ended up making some very interesting hair styles with the wash! And of course I always appreciate the NO MORE TEARS factor!


Katherine said…
I also love Johnson's products. I think I will look into there new products. Thanks for the review!
Natalie said…
oh, i agree, the vapo bath and vapo rub by johnsons are the best when the kids are stuffed up!!!!

that is such a cute picture of olivia.
Anonymous said…
Did they pay you to say all that? I have read that no more tears is because of a chemical put in to dull the eye receptors.? hmmmm. or something like that. IT made sense to me, either that or there is no soap in it, which is a possibility to. what do you think? alyssa
jceko77 said…
The lavendar scented bedtime line of products is my fave

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