Tomorrow is a big day for us- Aiden's assessment!! We've been waiting for a VERY long time for this. This is the "official" diagnosis that will either confirm the previous Aspergers diagnosis we have (very likely to happen) or come up with some other diagnosis. It is a huge relief to get to this point after so many years.

And of COURSE Aiden is sick. His asthma is really really really bad and his croupy horrible I-can't-breathe cough is back. I HATE that cough. The poor child takes some serious asthma meds every day and it is just not controlling it. And OF COURSE I packed our super-duper-only-when-absolutely-needed meds. And OF COURSE I have no idea where they are. Typical. I just really didn't think we would need them this week. Sigh.

Aiden also lost his front tooth last night- in the middle of the night might I add. We heard him yelling that he lost his tooth at about 4 am today. So tonight the tooth fairy is going to visit :)

Those of you who pray please pray for Aiden- that he gets better quickly and that his assessment goes well tomorrow. Thanks :)


Katherine said…
I will be praying!! :)
Heidi said…
We said a prayer for you this morning, and our church and prayer group is praying for your family also.
We ask for God to be with that you may get the answers your looking for, for Aiden to not be scared and to feel comfortable with any tests the Dr. might do, and The Dr. and Nurses to guide their thoughts and hands to help your family the way God intends.
We Hope and Pray everything goes good. Remember we're thinking about you guys today.

(loves are what our family calles hugs and kisses)

Evans Family
Nessa said…
You are all in my prayers.
AudreyO said…
I stopped by today as I'm working on visiting the many blogs from Bloggy Carnival now that I have time to read and comment. I will absolutely send prayers your way.

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