so sleepy

oh. my. word.

My house is sparkly clean people.

I oughta jump up and take a ton of pictures but since I spent the entire day cleaning I am instead going to collapse into my bed.

The tragedy is that it won't last.

I know that as soon as my sweet monsters wake up tomorrow morning it will be destroyed once again.

But it is nice right now.

night night


why why why why why? Oh, I failed you Tara. I forgot when I gave you packing tips, ALL Cleaning Ends Now. What's the point? it's wasted energy. Sure you feel better when you wake up, but really-- you can acclimate to cheerios stuck on your feet. really, I know.

Now, don't do it again.

;-) (this could actually be jealousy rearing it's ugly head-- my house looks like a bomb went off. A bomb that spits half-chewed carrots off of a high chair)
Aussiemaz said…
Maybe you could strap the kids into bed while they sleep??? ;)

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