Round three

Well... I spent the day caring for a very sick Aiden (who apparently puked down his teacher's leg at school... poor poor teacher) and once Owen got home from school it only took a few hours until he started turning ashen green colour.

My sweet friends Becky and Cecile came over to watch Mama Mia with me for fun... that didn't really happen like we had hoped though.

Owen has spent the past several hours puking. First he puked all over his bed, his shelf, his chair, the carpet, his toys, himself... so I cleaned all that up, cleaned him up and put him in another bed while I cleaned his room.

Then he puked all over THAT room. All over the bed, the pillows, himself, the wall, his sister's toys, the carpet.

So then I took him to the bathroom to clean him up and he puked all over the bathtub and his sister.

During all of this I also moved Aiden from the room he shares with his brother into our room so that he didn't get sick again from the horrendous smell. He has a terrible fever... but has apparently stopped puking for now.

I get Owen all cleaned up. I clean Olivia up. My sweet friends Becky and Cecile took all the disgusting bedding to the laundry room and tried not to throw up while they put a load in the wash for me.

I put Owen back to bed. I clean up Olivia's room and put her to bed. I check on a feverish dizzy Aiden.

I collapse onto the couch with my friends who are now seriously regretting stepping into my house tonight!

Actually I am immensely grateful that they were here. It is just so overwhelming to deal with sick kids all by yourself. It was nice to have company since Doug and Grandma were both at work.

So thank-you Becky and Cecile. I love you and I sincerely hope you don't spend tomorrow puking.


And sorry to Aiden's teacher.

I really didn't know he would puke all over you when I sent him to school today!

I really really hate puke.


I sure hope Doug and I don't get it.



Manic Monday said…
oh man, your house has got it good :( and yes, poor poor teacher! stay warm and stay healthy!
3boyzmom said…
My 2 year old has the same thing!! Poor little guy is just laying there watching tV and puking on and off!!
jceko77 said…
Luckily, we are not puking at this time, but my 2 year old daughter Elizabeth had a runny nose, and then Thursday night she awoke with 103.5 fever. Today, her fever is down to 100.1, and thank God she is feeling better. Hope your family is better soon:)
Angie said…
Oh no! I sure hope he feels better soon...poor little guy! I sent you an email about the giveaway..thanks, Tara. I will include little Aiden in my prayers tonight for a speedy recovery! Keep him pumped full of fluids!
Mommy Cracked said…
Poor little thing! I hope he is better soon and that the rest of you don't get it. It is certainly no fun.
Keely said…
Aw, poor little guy. Hope he feels better soon!
Grandma Alice in California said…
Tara, I read your blog from time to time, even though I am a grandma! I wonder if your kids have eaten anything with peanut butter paste in it recently...? The FDA here in the US has warned people about tainted peanut butter paste made in a Georgia Plant and sold to companies that make the peanut butter flavored products. The salmonella can cause some of the symptoms your kids have. If you think this might be the case, I urge you to contact your medical provider! God bless you... Grandma Alice

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