I've decided that moving is really hard.

Even if you are excited about where you are going it is still incredibly hard to leave where you have become so attached to.

Each time I think of certain people that I will be leaving behind I practically burst into tears.

And OH.MY.WORD getting our house ready to sell is an absolute freakin' nightmare. Seriously. I have been packing boxes and throwing stuff out and organizing and trying to ineffectively hide boxes for the past couple days and wow... this is not easy.

I've been trying to prepare the boys for moving and that is ALSO not going easily. When I was a kid we moved so much that I think I pretty much expected it. We moved about once per year so it was just part of life.

My boys have NO CLUE what is happening to them.

I got in touch with the new school today and have been trying to think of how to prepare Aiden- who doesn't deal well with transitions at the best of times- for this massive change of starting a new school. Scary.

I am off to go listen to kid's read at school now. I'm a parent volunteer and I really like it. It also reassures me a little bit to listen to other kids and know that Aiden isn't the only one struggling with reading and learning to sound stuff out. I'm thinking we'll have to invest in some sort of phonics material because I honestly have NO idea how to help Aiden.

My mind is pretty scattered these days too.

So I'm sorry to all the lovely blogs I normally read regularly... I'm still reading... I'm just not very good company right now and definitely not so great at commenting these days. My mind seems to freeze up and nothing useful comes out. Hopefully soon my mind will contain more enjoyable thoughts. But that is the beauty of my on-line world... no matter where I move to you all are still right there! Lovely!

But for now I think I am just grieving the real-life friends I am going to be saying good bye to all too soon and it is taking up most of my emotional energy. sigh.


Oh Tara, I don't envy you this stressful month that you are/will be having. Does Aiden's teachers or doctors have any suggestions on how to make this transition smoother for him?

John is already talking about a transfer and although I know that this is the life we "choose", it still sucks to think about leaving our friends and our home. Praying for you.
Amanda Daybyday said…
Hugs! Praying for a smooth (ish?) transition for the boys and for all of you, really. And I know how you feel lately about the commenting...my comments, if I do, have been 1 or 2 words lately. I've been blaming it on January...at least you have a good excuse!
Heidi said…
Just a little helpful hint. I homeschooled my son and we used phonics workbooks to add to the things we were doing for school work. Walmart carries some and the dollar store in our town even had some. don't know if it will help but it may be worth a try.
Just catchin' up with you. Happy to hear you are moving (I know you wanted that) but yes, moving is one of my least favorite things to do. Look at it as a good oppourtunity to purge some clutter. :) Good luck and let me know if I can help or provide support!
Nessa said…
Tara, ya'll are in my prayers.
Nessa said…
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Anonymous said…
Hey Tara and family,

We are looking forward to having you all here. No worries when you arrive, we will be ready and willing with open arms to help you unpack an settle in.
Your Friends at Timbers

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